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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 11, 2018
  • Behind the scenes of our Black Panther animated music video parody.►SUBSCRIBE→ VIDEOS→►TWITTER→!/MovieMusicals►FACEBOOK→►INSTAGRAM→►YOUTUBE→ thanks to all the members of the LHUGUENY CREW for sponsoring our channel:SPONSORS LISTTroy Furst Bro vasquez[GM7W] Gamerz77w in a van 21 Richter Goodwin oo Beirne Han Rowan David Microwave Microwaving a microwave toaster VX Gugliotta Godz Golden Minecrafter gamer 115 canl famous gaming bros Messer Games brown Bandit Cartoons Doom Neko the Husky Stark Z Kitty Fun Murray Lewis S. Hudson the dab 32 Esquivel omarion TY k9 -STRIKE Caameron br Rogers link 2 Reale Romero my friend Gamer
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  • Emmett the lego movie lover 2

    Emmett the lego movie lover 2

     a years ago +46

    So hyped for this masterpiece

  • Maddog


     a years ago +21

    When will they make Thor ragnarok

  • Isaiah Mejia

    Isaiah Mejia

     a years ago +3

    is this the 2018 nyan cat SONG!??!

  • D J

    D J

     a years ago +16

    This made my day.😀

  • savini jason

    savini jason

     a years ago +13

    👍Well done amazing

  • Hydro Elite

    Hydro Elite

     a years ago +12

    Well done

  • RaVige_ Fortnite

    RaVige_ Fortnite

     a years ago +4

    How do you come up with these great ideas!

  • אמאלגאם AMALGAM TV

    אמאלגאם AMALGAM TV

     a years ago +4

    Yes are you good 😊☺🤗

  • somek1dguy


     a years ago +3

    Cold balls UHHH that wat she said XD these jokes are family friendly

  • Pickle chin Ah boy

    Pickle chin Ah boy

     a years ago +4

    Black panther vs Eric killmonger animated

  • Nicola il Mago della Braciola

    Nicola il Mago della Braciola

     a years ago +2

    You are a Genius!!!

  • Potato Boi

    Potato Boi

     a years ago +2

    I like your vids so much

  • Warlord 6362

    Warlord 6362

     a years ago +1

    Good job with making these videos lhugueny it makes me happy

  • MoistNugget_97


     a years ago +22


  • Jaime 150

    Jaime 150

     a years ago +2

    Piece of art!!!,wait the animación complete!!!You Can👍

  • Maria Leon

    Maria Leon

     a years ago +1

    Best song in the World 👏👏💞💞

  • gaming site

    gaming site

     a years ago +1

    Black panther was lit

  • wild griffin cat 2

    wild griffin cat 2

     a years ago +1

    Red Dead Redemption the musical

  • Lostcontrolzz


     a years ago +2

    Still want the old lhugueny back also where’s all the other cod zombies musicals

  • Comunnist 77

    Comunnist 77

     a years ago +1

    Battlefront 2 MUSICAL
    Plz '-'