The DEADLY Physics of Doomfist! | The SCIENCE!... of Overwatch

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 10, 2017
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  • Elphias Knightley

    Elphias Knightley

     2 years ago +1379

    I didn't even realise people saw Austin as annoying until I scrolled to the comments. Though I may be biased as I am a science lover myself, seeing someone get so excited and enthusiastically explain science is incredibly enjoyable for me to watch.

  • Blackout Development

    Blackout Development

     a years ago +267

    "Grimy McGrimdark" Best name for Reaper that I've heard yet. Definitely gonna start using that.

  • Panicked Animatics

    Panicked Animatics

     a years ago +368

    As a sombra main, i agree with team sexy

  • xxClassy Zennyxx

    xxClassy Zennyxx

     a years ago +188

    He called Reaper Grimmy McGrimdark, I'm wheezing 😂😂

  • Propelled Gaming

    Propelled Gaming

     3 months ago +39

    Glad I caught that princess bride reference.

  • declan


     a years ago +417

    The intro is the most relatable thing for bisexuals like "damn that is a hot man" and "damn that is a hot woman"

  • Torys Account

    Torys Account

     a years ago +43

    3:25 The fight in the animated short was a flashback. First he crushed Tracers chrono accelerator, then he went to prison and then he punched his way out.

  • ImanT


     a years ago +82

    Reaper asks austine: are you BI!! BI!! BI!! ???

  • Mattlirious The Slayer

    Mattlirious The Slayer

     a years ago +180

    Things rubbing together.

  • Black Knight Gaming

    Black Knight Gaming

     2 years ago +1501

    I miss Austin's cursing... Come on MatPat, let his tongue be free!!!

  • JediBob 83

    JediBob 83

     a years ago +28

    Austin where is the science of doomfists fricking shotgun in a fist

  • Jeremy Nova•

    Jeremy Nova•

     a years ago +23

    I showed this to my science teacher. She was impressed 😂

  • GizmoDa Emocorn

    GizmoDa Emocorn

     a years ago +14

    I feel so sorry for the poor McCree that keeps getting hit in the gameplay. 1 Like = 1 Pray for Spaghetti Western Cowboy

  • Micheal


     a years ago +38

    Wait a minute! How have I not noticed! HE IS IN THE SAME CHANNEL AS PAT! HOW! IVE NEVER SEEN A VIDEO OF HIM

  • MysteriousTomJenkins


     a years ago +17

    I appreciate videos like this because it really puts into perspective how strong some fictional characters are with what they show in gameplay. I am a fan of Death Battle and occassionally think of my own, one character (among others) that I have wanted to think of a DB for is Taven from MK Armageddon due to liking that game and liking the Konquest mode and I am curious at how powerful he truly is since the game doesn't really give you too much to go on besides him beating most of the MK 'kast'. This video however tells me at the very least that he can possibly punch with the strength of a car accident since he can also send people flying with a punch as well as that his ground slam attack is extremely devastating though I don't think its comparable to Doomfist's. Honestly I wish I had the know how, time, game and the resources to measure every ability and feat he shows like his fireball move that just blasts people apart, even cyborgs as well as his 'speed of light' move where he dashes straight to the opponent extremely quickly with the wiki saying its instant (but unlikely).

  • Quarth


     a years ago +8

    Get to the darn point already!
    Hanzo mains: [TRIGGERED]

  • MoMo


     a years ago +14


  • Rainomi


     a years ago +42

    i had to do it

  • xan carter

    xan carter

     2 years ago +305

    A great theory, except Doomfist's fist appears to have a kinetic shockwave generator, meaning his physical speed, the force of his fist, and the power of impact likely have no relation.Not only that, but if one were to assume logic was used in engineering his arm, that generator probably acts in two stages. The first probably initiates his forward or Upward momentum for his attacks, and the other is likely a detonation just before Impact to damage the enemy while cushioning the forward momentum of his own body.
    It's also likely that an anti-grav generator is used to negate the excess weight of his arm without losing the potential momentum of it's mass. That would also explain the delay before his ultimate impacts.

  • Blu truth

    Blu truth

     2 months ago +6

    Me: You understand this brain?
    My Brain: Well yes, but actually no
    Umm... NO