DAY6 <The Book of Us : Gravity> Album Sampler

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 12, 2019
  • DAY6 <The Book of Us : Gravity> Album Sampler

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  • NOMOlonelyNOMOhappy


     28 days ago

    The side tracks of gravity and entropy are all TITLE TRACK worthy 😭💙💙

  • La La La La La La

    La La La La La La

     2 months ago

    Most of the lyrics of the songs are written by Brian huhu so proud

  • Karen


     2 months ago

    I love Day6 ❤

  • Stan DAY6 Stan talent

    Stan DAY6 Stan talent

     2 months ago

    3:08 YoungK working so hard. already writing lyrics for their next bop 😂💙

  • ali


     3 months ago


  • Momo Zia

    Momo Zia

     4 months ago

    What are y'all talking about I don't watch this and cry like almost everyday....ah...haha

  • Ngọc Ngọc

    Ngọc Ngọc

     4 months ago

    Xuất bản 2 thg 7, 2019

  • ธิดารัตน์ สุขจันทร์เทาะ

    ธิดารัตน์ สุขจันทร์เทาะ

     4 months ago

    I would like to see MV of them in several song especially "For me ", Best part #Day6

  • ธิดารัตน์ สุขจันทร์เทาะ

    ธิดารัตน์ สุขจันทร์เทาะ

     4 months ago

    Jae..... look handsome and also smart

  • Best Vlogger

    Best Vlogger

     5 months ago +1

    Oohh their music is like anime musicc

  • Kaizaki Montoya

    Kaizaki Montoya

     5 months ago +2

    JYP: Brian want some sideline, by writing lyrics?
    Young K:is that even a question?

  • Sarahí Ramírez

    Sarahí Ramírez

     5 months ago +1

    stray kids 🤝 day6
    not having even one bad song

  • siti munirah haji abdul hamid

    siti munirah haji abdul hamid

     5 months ago

    잘했어요 수고했어요 오빠들. 다 노래가 좋습니다. 가사가 너무 아름다웠다. 파이팅 오빠들. 😘

  • puji hapsari

    puji hapsari

     5 months ago

    Omg, sorry to Young K because I'm falling in love with you 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Bernard Villa

    Bernard Villa

     5 months ago +1

    DAY6 is the Pure Art!!!
    Congratulations for their Two Wins!!!!
    I'm waiting more Wins!!!!!

  • Manita S.Ampere

    Manita S.Ampere

     5 months ago

    I love all song ...First song is very chill “For Me” ...haha I really like Jae this look(Natural Look) .. Second, the sound very nice!! and Tack06 too,#Day6 Love u all

  • Army Forever

    Army Forever

     5 months ago

    Day 6 can try to have a bad song but won't succeed

  • jjaerapah


     5 months ago

    gue puter ulang ulang gegara keinget senyumnya wonpil:" kenapa dia senyum mulu sii! mana manis bgt lagi

  • 시아


     5 months ago +1

    첫 소절 부터 소름 돋는다는 데이식스
    역시는 역시다
    2:53 포장 미친거아니야?? 믿고 듣는 영케이

  • Ain 1122

    Ain 1122

     5 months ago

    I thought pojang is gonna my top track. But Wanna go back def my fav so far!