America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 4, 2018
  • Since its heyday in the late 1800s, bare-knuckle boxing in the US has been relegated to parking lots and grimy basements, an underground sport that couldn’t find a way to bring itself above board. But in June of 2018—after spending years petitioning almost 30 states to sanction the brutal fights—promoter David Feldman finally managed to stage America's first-ever legal bare-knuckle boxing match in Wyoming.

    VICE went to the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships in Cheyenne a few days ahead of the big event to hear how Feldman managed to pull it off, and to meet a handful of fighters for whom boxing—and even MMA fighting—just isn’t hardcore enough.

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  • Jiminy Lummox

    Jiminy Lummox

     4 minutes ago +1

    "We're known as the equality state. We were the first to give women the vote."
    "So I can book a womens bare-knuckle boxing fight?"
    "Hell yeah, absolutely!"

    I like that.

  • CircleMeatSandwich


     12 hours ago

    whatever happened to that MMA where they were trying to have sex on the ground? Memories..

  • Wabuu


     16 hours ago +1

    if this would have been in the 60 - 70s Lenny McLean would have won

  • Master Ikem

    Master Ikem


    oh shit I am literally cheering this on...I am crazy

  • Nancy Hochberg

    Nancy Hochberg

     yesterday +1

    If someone who gets killed then they need to fucking stop

  • Caleb Salas

    Caleb Salas

     yesterday +1

    “Anddd fuck im gonna be on tv tomorrow”😂😭

  • Blaze Foster

    Blaze Foster

     yesterday +1

    This ISNT a sport, neither is MMA. It's violence PERIOD

  • Ron Lombardi

    Ron Lombardi


    One has to like Pain!🤕

  • mylobage



    Kimbo Slice missed it by 20 years. Also, I’d be shocked if these went 5 rounds.

  • Brian Tinsman

    Brian Tinsman


    When she punches it sounds like a chihuahua barking. 😂

  • Wassson



    Chuckles in British

  • Tyler Pogones

    Tyler Pogones

     yesterday +1

    No ones making them fight 😂 why do people care

  • sad bot

    sad bot


    el terrible has real madness in his eyes :D

  • TRuST No1

    TRuST No1

     2 days ago

    the first in the world? have you not seen ufc in the beginning.

  • Trevor Kimber

    Trevor Kimber

     2 days ago +5

    I hate to break it to her but it’s not that people don’t like girls fighting it’s that they don’t like you

  • 335IBIMMERBOY Vlogs

    335IBIMMERBOY Vlogs

     2 days ago

    i rather watch bare knuckles lol

  • Jboogie garcia

    Jboogie garcia

     3 days ago +4

    I miss when this was free on youtube now it's on ppv 😥

  • Charlie Pitt

    Charlie Pitt

     3 days ago

    We have bare knuckle fights in hockey all the time... It's what we do



     3 days ago

    Is... Isn't it true that boxing started out bare knuckle in the olden days in the 1800's and whatnot? Maybe older? Well I guess it hasn't been at this organized level, so they're right.

    also at 0:51 I really wanted him to say "It's time to d-d-d-d, d-d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!!!" LoL

  • Jacob Jackson

    Jacob Jackson

     4 days ago +1

    Skip to 23 minutes, rest of the video is pointless