GOT7 3rd Album "Present : YOU" Lyric Clip "Lullaby"



  • Weng Ying Chong

    Weng Ying Chong

     11 months ago +1482

    mom : where yo hair omg why are you bald honey?
    me : It was snatched by a 33 second video

  • gotsvn


     11 months ago +792

    Who else agrees that "Lullaby" will be the BOP OF THE YEAR?!!! I'm so excited!

  • May _

    May _

     11 months ago +437

    Hopefully during this comeback Koreans starts sleeping on beds instead of got7😔



     11 months ago +184

    perfect song😆😆

  • Park Peach Nyoung

    Park Peach Nyoung

     11 months ago +273

    anyone expecting a dark twist?

  • Mika Loves You

    Mika Loves You

     11 months ago +641

    This sounds like a music box! I wonder if the MV will have some sort of a "Just Right" affect?? Like, have them all be in a music box (tiny ver. of them) looking up/dreaming about/ listening to a luluby as they fall asleep? Do you know what I'm saying, because idk what I'm saying

  • Nar Hwall

    Nar Hwall

     11 months ago +86

    Just because the tittle is lullaby, it doesn't mean to sleep on Got7. Sleep on beds people. Sleep on beds.

  • Taes Queen

    Taes Queen

     11 months ago +144

    Sounds like horror movie but I like it😂❤

  • Stan Ateez Nct N.Flying A.C.E Got7

    Stan Ateez Nct N.Flying A.C.E Got7

     11 months ago +92


  • Mary Me

    Mary Me

     11 months ago +29

    Tried to search Got7
    *Mistakenly pressed 'H' *
    Me: Well..I mean...they are hot7...but their name's Got7...but STILL their hot.

  • I U

    I U

     11 months ago +621

    OMG This sounds so different
    I love it already

  • My Sunshine

    My Sunshine

     11 months ago +32

    Just a little reminder (from my point of view):
    Let's refrain from starting/involving in fanwars. Whatever people may call us, we should always be the chill fandom. Ofcoure we should defend our hardworking boys when someone insults them, but let's not go out of our way to bash other fandoms. We'll focus on supporting our oppas only, and not take anything to heart whatever immature and jealous people call us, because people are more likely to shut up if they are ignored.
    Let's unite and make this comeback best one so far, and make our boys proud of their fans. 🐦🐥🐦

  • sangeeta chakraborty

    sangeeta chakraborty

     11 months ago +44

    I'm a multi fandom who loves GOT7 . It's so hard to endure!!!

  • Tan m

    Tan m

     11 months ago +7

    lmao the real dark twist :")

  • я_люблю _Wanna_One_

    я_люблю _Wanna_One_

     11 months ago +36


  • Budsayamas Sata

    Budsayamas Sata

     11 months ago +8

    ชอบอ่ะ รักอ่ะ ใจบางหมดแล้วววว...

  • Jessica Orange

    Jessica Orange

     11 months ago +83

    Guys BTS is a good example of how the dedication and hardwork of fans can help the rise is success and we can turn Got7 just like them (except Got7 fans are going to be chill and not annoying)
    ATTENTION TO ALL FANS AND UNDERCOVER FANS (they sold out arenas in America bro) WE HAVE GOT TO MAKE THIS COMEBACK AMAZING, LET US AIM HIGH FOR LIKE 30 MILLION IN A DAY, I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS! Please learn how to correctly stream so out views will not be deleted! Let's fly aghase!

  • Dara Rahadian

    Dara Rahadian

     11 months ago +8

    Pertama liat dream high 2 tahun 2012 mungkin ? Aku udh lupa 😅 suka sma jinyoung terus jb, mereka masih imut-imut. Sampai akhirnya jdi duo di JJP, sukaa banget, apalagi jinyoung disitu jd rapper hahaha. Gak lama stelah itu JYP ngadain audisi gitu kan,, dan JJP udh ga comeback lagi,, akhirnya terbentuklah GOT7 bersama jb&jinyoung didalamnya. Mulai dari situ, aku makin sukaa karna member mereka paket komplit 😋 dan makin kesini, makin baguss. Menurut ku, semua member nya berkembang dlm segala hal. Pokoknya aku suka banget sama GOT7 😊🐦 bakal dukung terus sampai kapan pun.
    Salam dari ahgase indonesia

  • Bea Antalan

    Bea Antalan

     11 months ago +6

    I came back here after watching the mv teaser and I'm wondering how this sweet melody is a part of that hype song! This is definitely magical. I'm ready! Drop some more!

  • Got7official wife

    Got7official wife

     11 months ago +411

    Got7 trending in number 1 and present you trending on number 3 in korea after teasers are released