Stars & Stripes S’mores Cups

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 2, 2018
  • Forget the fireworks! Close out your 4th of July BBQ with a bang by making these easy and delicious s'more cups for your guests. Get the muffin pan featured HERE: - We may make some $$ if you buy!
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  • Dank Matter

    Dank Matter

     a years ago +517

    I don't even live in the USA anymore, what am I doing here

  • Justin Eats

    Justin Eats

     a years ago +181

    Where's Justin Y.'s comment.

  • Veridian


     a years ago +244

    This food is the embodiment of America

  • ziljin


     a years ago +127

    The filling looks like body wash

  • Evan Landin

    Evan Landin

     a years ago +13

    Half of the comments saying how good it is the other half talking about Justin y

  • Elena


     a years ago +168

    Why ''red'' is never red and it's always kinda coral-ish? That's annoying...

  • Juan Napoles

    Juan Napoles

     a years ago +15

    Justin my friend are you ok...your kinda late

  • Saira Ajaz

    Saira Ajaz

     a years ago +22

    Am I the only dumb who knows nothing about Justin Y ???😖

  • sweetboo1022


     a years ago +8

    Not enough chocolate I think maybe I would have added some chocolate layer before the marshmallow fluff and then still put more chocolate on

  • Genesis Crespo

    Genesis Crespo

     a years ago +39

    This is soooo cute

  • Mystic_Mayham


     a years ago +8

    You forgot to deep fry it

  • Arctique


     a years ago +63

    here before justin y

  • Eliya


     a years ago +62

    Justin Y., where you at?

  • Simon


     a years ago +4

    Bruh just add milk instead of water to the marshmallow fluff, water gonna make it taste mad weird no🤢

  • Rachel Torrey

    Rachel Torrey

     a years ago +16

    That looks so good now I want s’mores.😋😊💖

  • Muatter Nadeem

    Muatter Nadeem

     a years ago +10

    In love with your channel ... plz give tutorial for lemon pastry 👌😍💖😘

  • Hope Habia

    Hope Habia

     a years ago +11

    Looks delicious and nutritious

  • Zuheil Mohamed

    Zuheil Mohamed

     a years ago +3

    Am disappointed you didn't make any canada day goodies

  • youtube watcher

    youtube watcher

     a years ago +3

    who else is running to the shops to buy stuff to make this rn?

  • Colette Knight

    Colette Knight

     a years ago +17

    I love your foods you make i want to jump through my phone and eat it thats how delious it is.... Sorry for the wrong spelling ..#tasty and i love so yummy to💝💯😘