Chris Hemsworth - Funny moments 2018



  • Apache Games

    Apache Games

     3 months ago +1130

    marvel is hiring for a role
    Guy walks in
    Marvel "Whats Your name"
    Guy "Chris"
    Marvel "YOUR HIRED"

  • coletk


     3 months ago +525

    chris: grows his hair out
    “its still hot”
    chris: grows beard
    “its still hot”
    chris: cuts hair
    “its still hot”
    chris: fat thor
    “its still hot”

  • Kayma Dawson

    Kayma Dawson

     2 months ago +587

    Who thinks he should make his own YouTube channel?

  • Aidan Jane McIntosh

    Aidan Jane McIntosh

     10 months ago +955

    This is why Thor Ragnarok works, and kinda my favorite mcu movie. His goofy characteristic, playing a goofy character, directed by a weird goofy director, everything just work together

  • Brunette From Cali

    Brunette From Cali

     11 months ago +2697

    When his dog attacked him during wrecking ball😂😂😂

  • Mountain DEW

    Mountain DEW

     7 months ago +785

    7:07 wtf Ellen he is God of thunder

  • Scarlettjello


     3 months ago +276

    Chris- I can do this all day
    Chris Evans - THATS MY LINE

  • Lacey Pappas

    Lacey Pappas

     2 months ago +140

    Interviewer: “Who’s the bigger drinker, Thor or Hulk?”
    Me: has seen Endgame let me tell you a story...

  • Evanstan HeMackie Jr.

    Evanstan HeMackie Jr.

     3 months ago +112

    Y'all saying the wife and hemsworth are so lucky to have each other.. True. How bout the dog?

  • Snehal Pande

    Snehal Pande

     11 months ago +1984

    Chris Hemsworth is a 5 year old boy trapped in a 36 year old man's body 😂

  • LSDoverDOSE


     7 months ago +231

    I love how he still lives a very genuine life

  • Oriental Tomato

    Oriental Tomato

     8 months ago +153

    When he was going for a handshake but everyone ignored him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Monica itamura

    Monica itamura

     1 months ago +37

    Ellen: why would you go surf some waves during that storm
    Chris: cause I’m thor

  • Suhur Fayax

    Suhur Fayax

     2 months ago +86

    Fangirl: your so strikingly hot
    Chris: What did you expect, I'm the god of thunder.

  • Fox Lily

    Fox Lily

     a years ago +7808

    I think Chris Hemsworth should make a vlogging channel

  • DivingDragon 9

    DivingDragon 9

     2 months ago +37

    Imagine if you saw Chris Hemsworth at the airport

  • Nexie  Terithu

    Nexie Terithu

     9 months ago +69

    Hemsworth knocking off the looks and persona category.. I'm not Hemsworthy enough to admire himmm

  • Madeline Grace

    Madeline Grace

     1 months ago +28

    "Why would you go out into that storm?"
    * earlier that day * Chris: "aye darling wanna see Thor in action?"

  • Andreas


     3 months ago +102

    Rare pictures of Chris Hemsworth being happy before Captain Marvel/Brie Larsson steps in

  • Paris Bernard

    Paris Bernard

     11 months ago +4618

    Chris: where’s Thor!........ this movie sucks!
    Me: lol 😂😂😂