Come Go with Me (from "Set It Up") - Adam Bravin & Esthero

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • Come Go with Me, a cover of the Del-Vikings by Adam Bravin and Esthero.

    As heard on the 2018 movie Set It Up.


    Love, love you, darlin'
    Come and go with me
    Please don't send me
    'Way on the sea
    I need you, darlin'
    So come and go with me

    Come, come, come, come
    Come into my heart
    Tell me, darlin'
    We will never part
    I need you, darlin'
    So come go with me

    Yes, I need you
    Yes, I really need you
    Please say never leave me
    Well, I say you never
    Yes, you really never
    You never give me a chance

    Come, come, come, come
    Come into my heart
    Tell me, darlin'
    We will never part
    I need you, darlin'
    So come go with me

    © Tabea Damm
    Taken in Hvalfjarðarsveit, Iceland.

    I do not own the rights of the music. All rights reserved to the artists featured.
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  • biLAWL


     21 days ago

    what genre is this?

  • dakelynch1


     1 months ago +5

    who came here after watching SET IT Up!!!!!

  • iii rainy

    iii rainy

     3 months ago


  • Penny Brown

    Penny Brown

     3 months ago +3

    My heart 😌🥰🥰

  • Mark Moore

    Mark Moore

     3 months ago

    Hard to find this song. If you saw the movie "Set it Up" on Netflix, you surely remembered this song from the Charlie and Harper scene eating pizza in his room. After research, I found it on this site: which led me here. Love this version of this great song.

  • 이요신


     5 months ago +1

    set it up is amazing

  • Văn Nam Bùi

    Văn Nam Bùi

     5 months ago +3

    From Twitter of Esthero, she said there won't be a full version for this...It's true, guys. I'm depressed for seconds :(

  • chaz


     6 months ago +2

    i need this on Spotify already

  • Viv Bryan

    Viv Bryan

     6 months ago +1


  • tipicks gonzales

    tipicks gonzales

     6 months ago

    Me too just listened it... i Love it... just now

  • John Jhon

    John Jhon

     7 months ago

    Any song recommendations that is closely sounds like this? Badly need it. Thanks!

  • Youzho


     7 months ago +3


  • Yitzu


     8 months ago +10

    Put this talent on Spotify please!

  • P.Napath


     8 months ago +24

    please remake to longer version , It's too short :(

  • AIAH


     9 months ago

    Hi I love the sound of this song, if you know more like it and can suggest more i'd appreciate it, please?

  • Stephanie Putnam

    Stephanie Putnam

     9 months ago +73

    I heard this on the Set It Up seen when they're eating pizza. Found the song via credits and now I see no one can find this song anywhere else. 😭😭😭 It's so good! I love this cover.

  • 박도준


     9 months ago +1

    넷플릭스 영화버전도 벅스에서 듣고시프..

  • Andre Calloway

    Andre Calloway

     10 months ago +9

    This is so fire🔥🔥..heard from a netflix film and cant find the song amywhere

  • Mevil J

    Mevil J

     10 months ago +4

    I really like this version but 1:49 ? For reaaaaal ??

  • Kristy Meee

    Kristy Meee

     10 months ago +3