I went to the WORST rated makeup artist in my city

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  • Published on:  Thursday, July 25, 2019
  • Hope you guys enjoyed this video bc I didn’t 🙃
  • Source: https://youtu.be/_bTPfvBFp8Y


  • Princess Anya

    Princess Anya

     a minute ago +1

    At 9:45 what is that cuz I can't identify it.

  • Abner White

    Abner White

     50 minutes ago

    She sounded like she was yelling at you when she said don’t show my face don’t show my face

  • Cheyenne Sedlacek

    Cheyenne Sedlacek

     3 hours ago

    You know, I think about how bad I am at makeup, and then I see this. Then I feel a million times better 😬

  • Blu Daizee

    Blu Daizee

     4 hours ago

    I would've been so grossed out by the used makeup! I wonder if her face was sore after how rough she was. I don't even know if I believe this was real. Lol

  • Grace Taylor

    Grace Taylor

     5 hours ago +1

    I mean she seems... nice...

  • Phylis Tan

    Phylis Tan

     10 hours ago

    It looks like bruise on her both eyes😂(not accusing)

  • Alexis Nicole

    Alexis Nicole

     10 hours ago

    New drinking game. "Take a shot every time she says sorry"

  • Chanity Rowe

    Chanity Rowe

     10 hours ago

    I smell cap👃🎩

  • Kharma’s Vlogs

    Kharma’s Vlogs

     11 hours ago

    Sorry I’m not British but we’re I live fair enough sounds rude it cool to see how other people talk to each other

  • Kharma’s Vlogs

    Kharma’s Vlogs

     11 hours ago

    Is this for YouTube
    No no no
    Gets over 70k likes

  • Kharma’s Vlogs

    Kharma’s Vlogs

     11 hours ago

    I’m second guessing if this is fake or not

  • Markle Sparkle

    Markle Sparkle

     13 hours ago

    Why is she better at makeup than Me?

  • Niamh Grogan

    Niamh Grogan

     14 hours ago

    You didn’t have any shoes tf

  • Jennifer


     14 hours ago

    Does she have a hospital bracelet on?

  • Lucy G.

    Lucy G.

     15 hours ago

    Ok she is
    Maybe not good on be a makeup 💄 artist but !! Hey! She maybe have some future doing some ((ASMR)) don’t know way I felt this video that way lol 😂

  • Mariana Roque

    Mariana Roque

     16 hours ago

    Why does no one understand this is fake? She walked into a stranger’s house barefoot in pijamas

  • Breyla Lundgard

    Breyla Lundgard

     17 hours ago

    I’ve been doing makeup since I was 12 and this is what it looked like at first lmAao

  • Cece Field

    Cece Field

     18 hours ago +1

    ''DoN't ShOw My FaCe DoN't ShOw My FaCe!''

  • lemon•drop


     19 hours ago

    this would be me if i tried doing makeup



     20 hours ago

    imagine she finds her video