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  • Published on:  Friday, July 7, 2017
  • The story of how a chant and a shirt came to dominate one of baseball’s biggest rivalries, thanks to a group of hardcore punks from Boston. Starting in 1999, a group of kids infiltrated Fenway Park with one of the most popular bootleg t-shirts in sports history — a shirt that became the emblem of the moment the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry was turned on its head.


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  • Source: https://youtu.be/__hXBtn3HTI


  • Mr.CoCoNuts


     6 days ago

    As a Yankees fan it's hard to see the Red Sox win so much but the only saving grace is for the Sox to beat the curse is they became the Yanks. Since 2004 they went after International players the Yankees wanted and got, went after mercenaries, spent more money then ma other teams even the Yankees certain years, traded young players for veterans, gave big money contracts and touted they championships which were things the Sox complained the Yankees did before 2004 and yet have done since.
    I mean how many times did we hear Sox fans say "You buy your championships" yet last year the Yanks had a under $200 million salary and the Sox was $240:?

    As great as the Sox have been they sold out and became everything they hated about the Yanks which is why their is no rivalry anymore because the Sox are just the Yanks but in Red and I guess thats the only thing that comforts me until the Yanks next big run hopefully:D

  • edwards house

    edwards house

     2 months ago +1

    The Yankees say they have 27 titles but since 2000 they have only won one and the Red Sox have won 4 since 2000

  • BBQ king!!!

    BBQ king!!!

     4 months ago

    The infamous "Yankees suck" chant even spilled over into the NFL, where that chant breaks out, during Patriots games at Gillette Stadium. Those fans will even use that chant when the Jets play the Patriots to taunt the Gotham Aviators!!!

  • BlackLabs Rule

    BlackLabs Rule

     6 months ago

    I love how Yankee fans are like “oH My GoSh wE HaVe LiKe 20 oK sO cOmE TaLk tO uS WhEn YoU HaVe ThAt MaNy!!!!” Shut up and die in a hole nowadays the Yankees aren’t doing anything because precious DeRiCk JeTeR is gone

  • epaddon


     7 months ago

    This very entry proves once again how ESPN is a lapdog shill for the Red Sox from top to bottom.

  • Sinical


     a years ago

    Yankees suck chants make my dick hard! It's pure jealousy in the form of hatred. I can't wait to watch Boston choke after winning the division again this year (if they do). Just face it, you'll never come close to NYs dynasty. Keep trying, though. It's gonna be wicked pissah dude... 27-8...you faggots have a looong way to go. If, by some miracle, it does happen, you little fairies won't be alive to see it, and that, my friends, makes me cum. Go Yankees!!

  • Jason Laplow

    Jason Laplow

     a years ago

    Now this is something I can get behind

  • to3stedWaffl3ls 17

    to3stedWaffl3ls 17

     a years ago

    Yankees drool red sox rool

  • Joshua Frick

    Joshua Frick

     a years ago

    You don't even have to be from Boston to know the Yankees Suck!

  • Mort Business

    Mort Business

     a years ago +1

    lol BoSox... it must feel really good to wait so long, and then finally get one at the expense of the hated Yankees (re: Saint Kevin and the Idjits... Dave Rob the Messiah). Hey! We really know the feeling... it has been soooo long since 2009 that we've been waiting for a measly 28th... I mean, come on-- maybe we are cursed, I dunno... AJ Burnett, the Curse of the Pirates, with a Maz thread into history while Yogi watches it sail overhead? No? Meanwhile, Theologian Your God Epstein does the same formula and bada-bing-getta-ring with the Cubs curse... so, it's like realllllly special right? So much heartbreak, so much drama in Wrigley-- uh, I mean Fenway. Meanwhile, in Pinstripe Alley we just say, "Maybe next year!" ...and mean it. PS-- There really IS a curse. And that curse is our whole History: we are perennially spoiled with Championships, Ahh, the pain... the pain. 🤣

  • Michael Powell

    Michael Powell

     a years ago

    The "Yankees suck" chant even spills over into the NFL- thank the Patriots for that!!!

  • John Chalco

    John Chalco

     a years ago +1

    Friend screamed your a redsock fan and you think the Yankees suck in subway, even though he a redsock fan and I'm a Yankees fan, and got me beat up, there be mad violent fans

  • Howard Hogenbirk

    Howard Hogenbirk

     2 years ago

    all these Yankee fans talk championships. Yes the ones they won 40-50 years ago. Besides what 2009?

  • Santiago Family

    Santiago Family

     2 years ago +1

    They lead in baseball. Boston in basketball. Its all good lol

  • Lewis Byers

    Lewis Byers

     2 years ago +1

    Anyone know what the music is at the beginning?

  • Connor.H


     2 years ago +1

    This was a great listen, one of my favorite podcasts I've listened to in a while!

  • Skolney


     2 years ago +5

    I love how Yankee fans brag about 27 titles when the vast majority of those were were won from the 1920s thru the 50s when there were half the teams there are now, and most of them had no money to compete against the Yankees.

  • luckybestwash


     2 years ago +2

    Remember, in NY the chant is "Boston sucks." We shit on not only your laundry, but your entire city.

  • Ely Novas

    Ely Novas

     2 years ago +2

    When you have low self-esteem this happens.

  • Beeasy617


     2 years ago +2

    Yankees Suck...