Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: An Unbridled Rage

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 20, 2018
  • So, the original video got claimed by Universal and I tried several times to correct it to their specifications but now its just a wide claim across the whole video.

    I have removed any and all footage that isn't covered by fair use and if they claim it again, I will be taking the appeal process as far as I can.

    This rage is about the new Jurassic film and my goodness the script was awful. Though, from the trailer, did you expect anything else?

    I suppose at this point I should define this series of mine and I would personally call it a biased assessment of a film with the goal of entertaining through comedy and information.

    And here is a link to Wolf's video:

  • Source: https://youtu.be/_YY8OgxKUlg


  • Wendy S

    Wendy S

     2 days ago


  • Augusto Luís

    Augusto Luís

     4 days ago +1

    44:51 Castrated Tarzan in his natural habitat

  • Jen M.

    Jen M.

     5 days ago

    "He died the same way the Master did" 😂😂😂

  • Artifice Prey

    Artifice Prey

     5 days ago

    JP and TLW can be defended to their respective degrees, the line is crossed with JP3, but more so with these new transformer like films that can not possibly exist in the same universe as the first or even the second film.

  • MoonLight


     5 days ago +1

    Dinosaurs would not sell for millions. They'd sell for fucking billions

  • bitches love cannons

    bitches love cannons

     6 days ago

    Jurassic park should have been a standalone movie with no sequels or spin offs. Change my mind.

  • bitches love cannons

    bitches love cannons

     6 days ago

    Mauler and The Critical Drinker are the best reviewers of shit movies on all of YouTube.

  • Reepacheirp firewalker

    Reepacheirp firewalker

     7 days ago

    I was watching the movie if you could call watching it while playing solitaire on my cellphone the same way I 'watched' The Last Jedi. I've had more interesting shytes than what those messes are. Come to think of it though the Lost World JP movie for me was the same thing I was a smoker back then and at first I thought maybe I just needed a cig while it was on but after watching MIB the first movie then seeing Spielburgs Lost World I needed to have a cyanide tablet.

  • Zam Nodorszk

    Zam Nodorszk

     7 days ago

    A L A N

  • Kane Canton

    Kane Canton

     7 days ago

    15:24 12:20 39:15 50:25 11:33

  • Th3SmartAlec


     7 days ago

    The villains trying to weaponize dinosaurs in this movie makes the Umbrella Corporation look like geniuses.

    38:38 ...........

    42:14 ............

  • General Horse

    General Horse

     14 days ago

    Great video, but please don't use the word "retarded".

    It's an ableist slur that needs to burn with whoever thought this movie was a good idea.

  • Mrdestiny17


     14 days ago

    The books are so much better

  • UnknownFlickZ


     14 days ago

    I dont understand the dinosaur relationships in this film. I thought they were supossed to be scary.

  • AJ M

    AJ M

     14 days ago

    I'm still waiting for the Ark Survival Evolved movie. That would definitely justify Russians on dinosaurs!

  • kjtj397


     14 days ago

    biology girl is hot ;)

  • Jonny Atom

    Jonny Atom

     14 days ago

    IT WAS ALL A LIIEEE!! Throws sand



     14 days ago

    Heels, since we last saw her, also got a better haircut than that orange bang shit

  • Nilly Nush

    Nilly Nush

     14 days ago

    44:52 That isn't real... that, that cannot be real....

  • SeeingRed


     21 days ago

    All these sequel/remakes are shit. The first Jurassic world was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Right up there with TLJ.