Bizarre Things That Happened On The Set Of Harry Potter

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    The Harry Potter films had some pretty strange things happen during shoots, from vandalism to actor accidents to hilarious hijinks that Fred and George Weasley would definitely approve of. Hearing about all these antics might just make you wish you'd gotten that Hogwarts acceptance letter after all, so load up on chocolate frogs and head to Platform 9 ¾ so we can revisit some of the strangest things to happen on the set of Harry Potter...

    Trashing the train | 0:21
    Hamster funeral | 0:53
    Close call | 1:23
    Tragedy strikes | 1:55
    Hogwarts alight | 2:38
    Class clown | 3:20
    Homework sessions | 4:03
    Sucker punch | 4:33

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