The Hulk's 20 Most Ridiculous OP Feats Of Strength

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 16, 2018
  • 20 times the Hulk showcased his superhuman strength. Subscribe: SMASH!!!!Bruce Banner's super-powered alter-ego the Hulk is the strongest there is - or so he likes to think - and he has undoubtedly carried out some amazing feats of strength over the years.Whether it was acts of heavy lifting or the damage caused by his super-strong punches, the big green guy is definitely hard to match in that department.The feats of strength in no particular order are; throwing a tank into the horizon in the California desert, destroying a Chitauri Leviathan with a single punch, punching straight through Abomination's face, moving the supposedly immovable Blob, lifting a castle off the ground, throwing the Soul Gem through a planet's crust and down to its core, causing global seismic activity with his battles on several occasions, powering a world-protecting piece of technology with his strength alone, overpowering himself (yes, really), punching through a time storm (whatever one of those is), throwing the giant dragon Fin Fang Foom to the moon, lifting the supposedly god-proof Sacred Flame of Life, treating adamantium like paper, using Thor's enchanted hammer Mjolnir, bearing the brunt of the weight of a star, destroying an asteroid that was twice the size of the Earth, holding a planet together with its tectonic plates, annnnnnd holding up a 150 billion tonne mountain. Phew! Did you get all that?We hope you enjoy the video! Please leave a comment letting us know what you think of it. And don't forget to subscribe to CBR's YouTube channel, so you never miss our great new video uploads in the future.Our Social Media: Website:
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  • Aaron Siewert

    Aaron Siewert

     a years ago +1169

    Hulk throwing the soul stone through a planet needs to happen in Avengers 4.

  • Stuart


     a years ago +916

    Hulk is so nerfed in the MCU

  • Flyingpiggles10


     a years ago +472

    "The Hulk's 20 Most Ridiculous OP Feats Of Strength"
    Shows hulk holding a gun

  • Kaine 2099

    Kaine 2099

     a years ago +319

    As you can see in the thumbnail, the hulk can lift a whole gun on his hand

  • AMU


     a years ago +50

    Yet Hulk can't break his pants.

  • SupremeLLama


     a years ago +971

    I know one thing the Hulk can't lift...
    My GPA.

  • Jester Wanted

    Jester Wanted

     a years ago +162

    I think we're all forgetting the fact that Thanos is afraid of the Hulk in the comics

  • Sharky


     a years ago +439

    Holding a mountain is more impressive than holding tectonics plates and resisted the weight of a star ? OK...

  • Wolverine Hulk

    Wolverine Hulk

     a years ago +184

    You forgot world breaker hulk when he took one step and about destroyed the hole east cost of the United States



     a years ago +184

    So, Hulk crushing a pistol is one of his greatest feats?

  • Lori Johnson

    Lori Johnson

     a years ago +61

    Can't wait until Avenger's 4. Hulk will be a hell of a lot stronger than he has ever been!! I can't wait too see him be redeemed!!💝💝😍😍

  • John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds

    John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds

     a years ago +19

    He once lifted up an entire city

  • CeeRock 7513

    CeeRock 7513

     a years ago +43

    Even though a lot of people crapped on the 2003 HULK movie, it was IMO the only movie to give the viewers a glimpse of some of the hidden powers that the Hulk can display when necessary!!

  • AK El-frougui

    AK El-frougui

     a years ago +32

    How about world war hulk when he became world breaker hulk and every step that he took caused earthquakes

  • joey flood

    joey flood

     a years ago +29

    World breaker hulk better come out in the next avengers or I’ll be pissedddd, not once has the full potential strength of the hulk been demonstrated in a movie and considered the next movie will be the last of this era he better have a lot of screen time and a scene where he just absolutely destroys something huge!

  • John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds

    John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds

     a years ago +12

    He once lifted up an entire city

  • NM MedGrower575

    NM MedGrower575

     a years ago +37

    Hulk has punched through time and space crossed through demenstions

  • Halim Colson

    Halim Colson

     a years ago +26

    One of my favorite feats of Hulk’s strength is when he literally punched through Onslaught’s power. I’ll never forget reading that comic because a huge chunk of Marvel could barely even register. Then here he comes just being Hulk. 😂

  • Uncle


     a years ago +527

    The directors of infinity war need to understand the full potential of the hulk in avengers 4

  • lebron jame

    lebron jame

     a years ago +3

    20 ridiculous hulk strength feats!
    Thumbnail is him crushing a mere pistol