CUT A CIRCLE table saw from 2x4's DIY flywheels and tables

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 31, 2013
  • This is my favorite method of cutting a circle out of wood. Works for all diameter.
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  • 2460speedy


     2 months ago

    Lucky you did not cut the screws.

  • Moses R

    Moses R

     4 months ago

    Two things; 1) how do you make sure you aren't cutting into the screws holding the boards together? 2) can this be done with a circular saw?

  • Will Metcalf

    Will Metcalf

     5 months ago

    Genius mate - thanks for sharing!

  • Bob Adkins

    Bob Adkins

     6 months ago

    Your cute steel caterpillar approves. So do I .

  • Michael Ford

    Michael Ford

     8 months ago

    Crappy video, sorry 👎🏻

  • Enayatullah Sadaqat

    Enayatullah Sadaqat

     9 months ago

    hi sir ! sir I am carpenter i can't make some design of furniture so i need your help i want make a round bed hope you help me sir !thanks

  • peger


     11 months ago

    2:34 thats why you should put paper on them before.
    Looking good but instead table saw I would definitely use router for that job.

  • Jesus Sanchez

    Jesus Sanchez

     a years ago

    Did people not listen?? He explains were he places screws to avoid damaging saw blade. Open your ears.

  • Angel Velasco

    Angel Velasco

     a years ago

    me gusta el movimiento que hace tu esposa al cortar la pizza ,,,, digo con el respeto que se merece

  • twes619


     a years ago +1

    This video was filled with randomness...I actually liked it. Wasn't some over polished bs video for views. Raw like the wood he cut.

  • me not you

    me not you

     a years ago

    I wish I saw this video yesterday.
    I just cut a 20.5" circle.
    i tried using the table saw but I tried to cut all in 1 shot. it did not work. I ended up cutting it freehand with my jigsaw.
    Now I am trying to figure out how to true that circle.

  • Eduardo Rodriguez

    Eduardo Rodriguez

     a years ago

    Ohh my! I went from gluing 2x4's for a table and then cutting into a circle. Ended up learning how to master cutting pizza with sciccors. A little magnetic show. And a clip of annoying neighbors?

  • Katherine


     a years ago +1


  • Islam N

    Islam N

     a years ago

    good idea

  • Rextrent


     a years ago +1

    Nice. I need to cut a sm , 3 inch diam circle fr pvc trimboard scrap and I wont drill holes into my table.
    It is potentially dangerous task, such a small piece, but that's my goal.
    Replacing plastic wheel on my Bissell vacuum cleaner, not gonna buy one if I can help it and I've never used my table saw yet. It was a gift from a client's neighbor. Nice. The Christian lifestyle and pov. Golden Rule!
    Thanks for your fine video.

  • not a real name

    not a real name

     a years ago

    How many screws did this guy run through his blade? Lol

  • Guy H.

    Guy H.

     a years ago +2

    Good information in general but very bad idea paneling with metal screws. Bad bad bad! Use doweling and a center finder or a biscuit cutter. With Gorilla Glue, it's NOT going to come apart!

  • jmpc0


     a years ago

    Excellent video. Straight to the point and with every possible detail explained for the layman. Should be used as an instructional video on how to make instructional videos!!!

  • Tomas DB

    Tomas DB

     a years ago

    i always use super long sticks when using my table saw, nice project im going to try this some time!

  • Sitaram Dhas

    Sitaram Dhas

     a years ago

    Far Chan mins good