Everything Cut From Avengers Endgame

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 9, 2019
  • Deleted Things From Avengers Endgame Because Marvel And Disney Decided To Remove Them

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    Despite its ridiculously long run time, there was still plenty of action that didn’t end up making the cut for the final version of Avengers: Endgame. Yes, even this epic Marvel Cinematic Universe masterpiece has some deleted scenes but don’t worry we’ll catch you up on what you missed. While the final was definitely action packed, there was a lot left out like an epic aerial battle and a sad farewell to Tony Stark featuring some beloved comic book characters with one notable person missing. We’ll also talk about his daughter Morgan Stark and why Katherine Langford never ended up making that highly-anticipated cameo. Captain America narrowly escaped a rather grim ending as well as a surprising confrontation with his old enemy the Red Skull. The Mad Titan Thanos was originally going to have a confrontation with Doctor Strange leading to the introduction of the Living Tribunal in the MCU. We’ll also let you know what the last words of Iron Man would have really been if Robert Downey Jr. had things his way!

    After learning about all of the different movie moments that almost happened are there any of them you think should have been included in the final version of the film? Or do you think the movie was just about perfect on its own? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section and then click on the subscribe button for more of the latest and greatest videos from us here at CBR.


    Entry 1 - ALL GROWN UP
    Entry 2 - WORTHY
    Entry 3 - FINAL FIGHT
    Entry 4 - RED SKULL
    Entry 5 - TONY STARK
    Entry 6 - AERIAL BATTLE
    Entry 7 - NEW ASGARD
    Entry 9 - LAST WORDS
    Entry 10 - CAPTAIN AMERICA


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  • dave theo

    dave theo

     a months ago +2564

    Hulk Vs Thanos is really what i was DYING to see

  • Recurrence


     4 hours ago

    Some ppl just can't live with that fact that Thanos is just much stronger than Hulk...…….

  • Darth Obscurity

    Darth Obscurity

     5 hours ago

    13 reasons why = Ways to increase teen suicide and confuse people actually trying to get help from being suicidal.

    Fucking show is a joke and should be rated M.

  • Darth Obscurity

    Darth Obscurity

     5 hours ago

    Captain Marvel sucks

  • Andrew Johnson

    Andrew Johnson

     8 hours ago

    I was given this theory, it's not mine. The reason that Cap could only budge Mjolnr in Age of Ultron and could use it in Endgame is that he finally told Tony about Winter Soldier killing his parents.

  • kevin clsyton

    kevin clsyton

     9 hours ago

    So no deleted sence.just description of them lol

  • Peter Mirtitsch

    Peter Mirtitsch

     9 hours ago

    +CBR - a thunk just occurred...if you have all the Infinity Stones, and can alter reality, why not dust the baddies, and make it so you wouldn't die?

  • Sam Mark

    Sam Mark

     23 hours ago


  • Koos Koekemoer

    Koos Koekemoer


    They should have cut captain marvel from the movie, there was about 15 minutes wasted on a crappy character.

  • vDarkness Falls

    vDarkness Falls


    "Irresponsible use of the word quantum".
    Faith in humanity restored. Quantum and Relativity is fake news.

  • Alexander Reid

    Alexander Reid


    The head

  • Jeff Light

    Jeff Light


    Misleading, clickbaity title. Most everything they talk about was never filmed. They were ideas they had that didn't get followed through on...that's not "cut". These aren't deleted scenes somewhere, sorry.

  • Vince Gray

    Vince Gray


    Yeah....most of the audience would have lost their shit over the Living Tribunal.
    Unless your a Marvel comics fan, most people wouldn’t understand him.
    Hell, their gonna have to build up to explain Galactus.

  • Allen Carnes

    Allen Carnes


    Thought Captain Marvel would of had a larger presence in the movie. Red Skull and Cap. America would of been fun to see more it could of been such a great interaction

  • Drew Oda

    Drew Oda


    I have a question: If there is so much pressure to do the time heist in one go due to the lack of Pym Particles, then how does Scott shrink in the New York segment? They even specify this when apparently had enough particles for "one round trip and two tests" until Scott accidentally shrinks and then it becomes one test. As for him shrinking when the compound explodes and growing to escape, that could be from the Pym Particles Cap stole in the 70's (he grabbed 4 when he and Tony only needed 1 each). Honestly I try to not think about plot holes too much but this has been bothering me for a while now.

  • Harry Lambeth

    Harry Lambeth


    6:03 is shuri wearing nike shoes she could of got like wakandan boots or something like that

  • Eline Milano

    Eline Milano


    Those are some professional scriptwriters and special effects in overal. The only sad part is, wave 4 can never be as good as wave 3 :-p

  • Tyson Trotsky

    Tyson Trotsky

     2 days ago

    Thanos should have come with The Captains head on a spike. Giant intergalactic battle and only Iron Man dies? Please

  • Peter Loeber

    Peter Loeber

     2 days ago

    Disney will let gorey things happen in movies if there is guaranteed money. Hence why they showed the scene from episode 3 of Anakin skywalker dismembered in the Episode 9 trailer.

  • H. Clif Gregory

    H. Clif Gregory

     2 days ago

    Captain America keeled for Tony and his sacrifice. He refused to kneel before Loki.