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  • Published on:  Friday, October 12, 2018
  • How many water jugs to stop an arrow???
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  • Tanner Manson

    Tanner Manson

     7 days ago

    Nice arrows

  • Wang HanDuo

    Wang HanDuo

     14 days ago

    If you change crossbow to barnett such like predator that can get 430fps , all the jug will be penetrated. The normal compound bow is trash comparable with that

  • Ghost Ki

    Ghost Ki

     1 months ago

    U talk way to much I just stopped watching before u were even able to shoot

  • Manito Benson

    Manito Benson

     1 months ago

    Didn't know john cena had a lil bro

  • American Hunter

    American Hunter

     2 months ago

    My hell I want to know the draw weight or atleast the fps. I know damn well now days a bow can't run with a crossbow fps wise.

  • Mark Dunbar

    Mark Dunbar

     2 months ago

    I have a flat bow a take down flat bow they can kill at 50mtrs but my compound would be good at 75mtrs easy 🤔

  • Luke Dont know

    Luke Dont know

     2 months ago

    You should get a Osprey lever bow with no sits there good

  • Mr Pepperoni Pizza

    Mr Pepperoni Pizza

     2 months ago

    I choose the compound bow

  • EXE TV

    EXE TV

     2 months ago

    Froam indonesia like

  • John Smith

    John Smith

     2 months ago

    Too much fucking commentary just shoot the fucking things.

  • damis tiseye

    damis tiseye

     2 months ago

    To me it looked like there was a hole in the bottom of the 5th water container..means the bolt hit the wood on an angel

  • Tukamarue Tensi

    Tukamarue Tensi

     2 months ago

    do a vid old school xbow vs new school cross bow also the power is a combination of speed and mass ......the power and you probly know this is something called kennetic can have a super light arrow going extreamly fast hardly do dammage and you can have something very heavy moving slow do a ton of dammage a friend of mine had a i think they called a krono machine ((spelling it how it sounds)) it does the FPS of my bow and i had an old bow my mom bought for me in 90s and i was haveing issues with penetration and some people wanted me to change to a mechanical head but i found out i needed a minimum 40ke for mechanical ALSO for anyone to know you kneed a minimum 26ke to put a leathal wound into a deer and around 40ke will do a pass through sooo we tried different arrow set ups i think we went through 5 or 6 and my speed ranged between 160 at the slowest and 180 i beleive.......and the ke also varried from like 30 -38 depending on turned out my bow liked very heavy arrows........soo i was useing full leangth ((like over 3ft long)) alluminum arrows with 100gr head ((we didnt have any 125s to test out and alot of broadheads i was looking at didnt have a 125 varrient)) but it could chunk that thing over 180fps........i think my KE was like 41 or 42 with it.......sorry for rambling i thought that it was extreamly intristing ((you can find kenetic energy calculator online you just plug in your arrows full weight and the average speed the krono recorded and it will tell you how much KE its putting saying all that to say doin soo and doin alot of testing you can optimize your bow to get the post actull power out of it......every bow is different some would like lighter arrows some would like heavier ones

  • nhing bongalos

    nhing bongalos

     2 months ago

    too much talk

  • Dannie ray jr

    Dannie ray jr

     3 months ago

    Wow cool , i have never shot a bow but seeing this kinda makes me want 1 , nice video

  • Rahim Khan

    Rahim Khan

     3 months ago

    Bow will

  • drvillanuevaenrique


     3 months ago

    the wtf

  • Finckle Shinckle

    Finckle Shinckle

     3 months ago +1

    Watching him cock the crossbow makes me nervous like do you know you put your foot in there hole at the bottom and pull up

  • Filippo Menegola

    Filippo Menegola

     3 months ago


  • Didit R-one

    Didit R-one

     3 months ago

    Stupid video. Please dont talk too much mother fucker. Just showing your action. Damn you. Fuck off. Idiot.

  • Jayhoop Hoopjay

    Jayhoop Hoopjay

     3 months ago

    He talks to much..