Hunt Wherever You Want Using Out On a Limb MFG’s TS1 Treestand | Bootstrappers

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • On this episode of “Bootstrappers,” we take a look at Out On a Limb MFG’s TS1 Treestand, which allows you to hunt in whatever tree you want. Like, share and comment if you think this two-piece, all-aluminum, lock-on treestand is a game changer for outdoor enthusiasts!
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  • J M

    J M

     1 months ago

    The squirrels will love eating that seat. It’s too bad you can’t strap a cushion to it when they do.

  • Danny Schwab

    Danny Schwab

     3 months ago

    That's good idea great job. God bless

  • San Dan

    San Dan

     4 months ago

    I realize many folks call this hunting but it is not! Look up hunting in the dictionary which states "pursing and/or tracking animals with the intent of killing them". THIS IS "WAITING" for an animal to stand in front of you long enough so you can shoot and more than like wound it. Those that think this is hunting usually cannot shoot either and when I see them with weapons it scares the hell out of me. Stands are fine for ducks but nothing else.

  • Josh Sadler

    Josh Sadler

     4 months ago

    Cool idea but if im hunting public land im slipping in and out quickly and quietly. This stand would be longer set-up, more noise potential, and heavy. To me this is more suited for private land...but if im hunting private land i have luxury to set-up stands well before season and i would have the time to make a regular lock on work wherever i needed it to. Awesome idea, just not practical in how I and everyone else i know hunts.

  • Bray1Jay


     10 months ago

    Pretty cool concept. But you eliminate a huge population of hunters who cant afford to buy their own land. Most paper or timber companies or even public lands down south that are primarily made up of pines will not allow the use of any stand that uses spikes or screws or any type of stand that will cause damage to the trees. But I'm sure there is a niche market there. Still doesnt change the fact that it's a cool concept.

  • Tyler York

    Tyler York

     11 months ago

    I can hunt same way out of saddle. Saddle way cheaper and I can shoot 360 around the tree.

  • Oilfield Cowboy

    Oilfield Cowboy

     11 months ago

    This stand is one of the best stands ever made and used. I recommend getting this stand now

  • Mike Lee

    Mike Lee

     a years ago

    Damn that’s great

  • Phillip Wallis

    Phillip Wallis

     a years ago

    Not aloud to screw anything into the trees on state land in Michigan so how would it work for you couldn't use safety screw hooks

  • james anderson

    james anderson

     a years ago +1

    Nice stand>>>   so far. It's my first, so don't have a comparison. But, after 2 times trying it out and hunting in the woods I think I have it down. It's light, but I got the Sherpa game cart converter and its a breeze to haul a mile. Also getting the Mollie Straps for shoulders and waist. The harness works as it should: looks like quality seatbelt material. If your on the fence about getting either an open or a closed-get the closed. You can even use the bar to shoot your rifle from if you set the top section high and just stand hunt.

  • Mike Engler

    Mike Engler

     a years ago

    I'm concerned about the limb you would be sitting safety line is around the trunk of the tree above my head...idk about this

  • The MC Tek

    The MC Tek

     a years ago +1

    Y'all should really do podcasts it'd be awsome

  • Roger Willis

    Roger Willis

     a years ago

    What size trees will it go on from smallest to biggest sizes

  • W1scons!n Edm

    W1scons!n Edm

     a years ago


  • Robert Roy

    Robert Roy

     a years ago

    SMH at all the idiotic comments talking about how it's useless because of the screw-in hooks. Watch the damned video and open your ears, he specifically said it was only for horizontal limb safety "if you really wanna use them". Vertical or slant attachment doesn't need it!

  • IGOTAJOP America

    IGOTAJOP America

     a years ago +1

    Only for use on private land in Michigan do to screws in tree. Can you use this without penetrating the bark?

  • stizan24


     a years ago

    If I could put hooks in trees I would get one. Set up right in an oak tree.



     a years ago

    Agree with the level part. but these stand would be awesome!!

  • Stephanie McClain

    Stephanie McClain

     a years ago

    Can you make one with arm rest?

  • Benggii


     a years ago

    The Johnson tree stand is the same thing sorry fellas