Complete bodycam footage of controversial Roswell police stop

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 15, 2018
  • Two officers are under fire after they appear to flip a coin to see if a woman would be arrested or not.
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  • Sew Me

    Sew Me


    It should be standard to arrest people for speeding like that. But we live in a clown country, thanks to " them " and their neoliberalism

  • Mary Loves Makeup77

    Mary Loves Makeup77

     2 days ago

    Cops suck but new cops suck realllllllll bad🙄

  • Émile Frenette

    Émile Frenette

     5 days ago

    She was probably searching the car to find the grey alien that escaped from the jail.

  • Émile Frenette

    Émile Frenette

     5 days ago


  • Barbara Treadway

    Barbara Treadway

     5 days ago

    Amen there fired, they need someone to flip a coin to see who gets there ass sued.

  • RedNeckRed


     7 days ago

    Look I’m not a cop or anything but this arrest seems fine to me, it’s the cop who saw her speeding and she’s not gonna arrest unless she feels like it necessary, obviously she was putting lives in danger- it all seems valid to me and I don’t even think she was being mean to the lady only doing her job

  • yaboi Saylor

    yaboi Saylor

     14 days ago +1

    I just wanna remind y'all that there are good cops out there, not all of them are on some crazy power trip like this police officer. We do not need to hate all of police, just officers like this, and officers like this are not what the entire police force is made of. Please don't make the mistake of assuming all officers are like this crazy lady.

  • Larry Snyder

    Larry Snyder

     14 days ago

    Absolutely stupid. Glad to know they are unemployed now.
    Hopefully they will never wear a uniform and badge again.

  • Scott Swisher

    Scott Swisher

     14 days ago

    I appreciate and support law enforcement officers but this was complete bullshit. Nothing less than a power trip. She was looking for a fight from the start. There are people in that town getting robbed and killed yet they are wasting taxpayer time money arresting this woman. I am stunned that there were several other officers on scene and not one of them said “hey what are we doing here... let’s take a breath and think about this....”. What does that say about the culture of the department? Pathetic.

  • TheZx9zx9zx9


     14 days ago

    And they wonder why most men look nervous when police pulled them over even though they're not doing nothing wrong it's because of this s*** right here those police have the power to make up any goddamn reason to take you to jail this was probably this cop first arrest 82 miles an hour then she said she was almost doing 90 miles an hour which is 8 miles per hour faster that's a big difference if a car goes past you at 65 miles an hour and you're at a standstill and you floor your goddamn car of course you're going to hit 90 miles an hour to catch up this was the most Petty's s*** I have ever seen and from what I understand they both lost their job after this video was posted Christ I've been pulled over doing 103 on my street bike and got a $250 ticket this lady gets locked up for doing 82 in a 60 that's the world we live in today police are the biggest gang in the world

  • DicklessFiftEEzBoi


     14 days ago

    The way she says "okay" in that high pitched voice at 18:00 is so cringy for some reason. She's obviously immature and unfit to be in any position of authority.

    She probably thought "Oh cool, I'll be a cop and then I can like, ride around in a patrol car and use the computer, talk over the radio... How cool!! I can even bring my turquoise folders and clipboards along for the ride. I bet my superior's will really take me seriously then." 😉

  • The Sober King

    The Sober King

     14 days ago

    Women shouldnt be cops

  • gary walters

    gary walters

     21 days ago

    will somebody please explain to me why people who get pulled over immediately get on their phone? not just this driver, most of them in videos like this.

  • David McGill

    David McGill

     21 days ago +3

    Don't fire them, shoot them. Scumbags

  • Salisa R

    Salisa R

     21 days ago

    She hung up bec she knew he was right

  • Salisa R

    Salisa R

     21 days ago

    There are real criminal people doing bad shit to kids and others but they are too busy arresting someone for speeding saying she was driving wreck less when the cop was driving worse now they begin to be mosey go through her stuff how would they like if we went through there belongings I hate these type of stupid cops

  • Salisa R

    Salisa R

     21 days ago

    I don’t understand why cops ask for keys u don’t need to give your shot to them are you serious your arresting her on reckless driving what a bitch I love to smack the shut out of that stupid c*** ! Of a officer



     21 days ago +1

    Young cop. Seems she has not witnessed a legitimate reckless driving.

  • eric barron

    eric barron

     21 days ago

    These are the same females who will get there asses beat one time then retire on disability and PTSD sucking the life outta our society
    Diversity is our downfall
    Semper Fi

  • Anne Gonzalez

    Anne Gonzalez

     21 days ago

    The cop was a being a giant piece of shit. I only got a very small ticket for a left turn that resulted in an accident with a cop car(the cop was speeding), I've been pulled over for speeding and failure to maintain my lane, I've never been pulled out of my car or arrested. The speeding stops were legit(except three and l didn't get tickets), the maintaining my lane was okay because the wind gusted and blew my car unexpectedly like it was a toy This arrest was so bad, l cannot believe this wasn't policing for profit.