GreenPowerScience ALS Ice Bucket Challenge water parabola Rain Grabber,

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 23, 2014
  • Ice Bucket Challenge with water parabola Rain Grabber and 2 inch diameter PVC pipe siphon. Also consider local ALS charity organizations for donations.
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  • Leo Pickles

    Leo Pickles

     a years ago +1

    Denise is hot as fuq!

  • DIY David

    DIY David

     4 years ago

    Dan, thank you for the video.... Denise, OMG.... just... thank you.

  • Jesse Mercury

    Jesse Mercury

     4 years ago

    he he he.. good one... next time add about 20 pounds of salt and mix with the water when  you throw the ice in ;) and keep throwing the ice in till the salt starts to precipitate LOL (oh and if you freeze the ice at saturation point with salt..... ) he he he..

  • Samuel Luria

    Samuel Luria

     4 years ago

    Its now Jan. of 2015, and until you guys mentioned feeling left out, I never would have thought about it like that. Well, now that its 8° F in N.J., let me at least say that you guys rock!!!!

  • Kresten Kelaher

    Kresten Kelaher

     4 years ago +1

    best part of the video was..... tits

  • octane


     4 years ago

    to get the water hot with minimum work:

    put some food dye , like a deep blue or dark red(EVEN BOTH), with enough concentration that it absorbs the sun heat.

    it will be funny to film and to watch.

    ps: check the temp, so the vinyl wont tear, and no ones gets burn.

  • nadadreamer


     4 years ago +1

    stunning - indescribably beautiful

  • Marinus


     4 years ago

    Haha, Denise is such a masochist :D

  • Cloudy011


     5 years ago

    The ice bucket challenge is a spell, just one of the many rituals, satanic pranks to OPEN THE GATES! Whole world will be deceive... Sigh

  • Bluue Is me

    Bluue Is me

     5 years ago


  • thangamajig


     5 years ago

    Hey Dan.. I have a 10 ' Channel master dish and one of my perforated screen panels has come out..  How do I get it back in?? Shrink it with CO2 ?? I can't tell how it was originally put together.

  • Cyberdactyl


     5 years ago

    Awesome guys!  Almost no one doing the challenge uses cold water, let alone iced water.

    Much respect for 'going for it'!

    And Denise, how on earth do you keep such a good figure??

  • Cheyne Simons

    Cheyne Simons

     5 years ago +1

    Dan ,why did you look at Denice when you said  "unless you are really talented" ?:)

  • BRB 87

    BRB 87

     5 years ago


  • Joshua Bliffen

    Joshua Bliffen

     5 years ago

    you had to put some salt in there

  • BLynchCAN


     5 years ago

    GGoood  one

  • Psychentist


     5 years ago

    You guys are great.

  • Winst0nOBoogie


     5 years ago

    Watching a cold shower...
    we might just need a cold shower.
    Just sayin'

    Great jobs to you both.

  • Dave. Oneil

    Dave. Oneil

     5 years ago

    You Guy's are AWESOME!!!!!

  • Youtube Comments Suck

    Youtube Comments Suck

     5 years ago

    Hahahaha! Cool vid.