Brilliant GOLDEN BUZZER Auditions On Ireland's Got Talent 2019! | Got Talent Global

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 31, 2019
  • Check out the brilliant auditions that were given golden buzzers on Ireland's Got Talent 2019!

    Including performances by:

    Sea Of Change
    Sharon and Brandon
    Barry Darcy
    Iveta Tumasonyte

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  • Buck Crone

    Buck Crone

     4 hours ago

    These lady's with cancers u lady's get better an keep kicking ass I lost my grandma in dec 23rd 14 of cancer an I miss her alot

  • Schumax


     6 hours ago

    Ireland's (got) sobfest 2019..

  • Jane Dow

    Jane Dow


    This makes me cry. The music suits to this kind of a bunch of women rather than a single one.

  • Pedro Nem

    Pedro Nem

     2 days ago

    Thankyou from germany..the Lord bless all

  • Wojciech Stawecki

    Wojciech Stawecki

     2 days ago

    Just love it, brilliant!!

  • Klara Maria Schreiner

    Klara Maria Schreiner

     2 days ago

    WOW, supertoll.

  • Félix Champagne

    Félix Champagne

     4 days ago +2

    Wait until the son finds a gf ....The mom will go crazy lol

  • Londora Kitchen

    Londora Kitchen

     5 days ago


  • Xiaomi 6a

    Xiaomi 6a

     6 days ago

    Группа детей молодци

  • Xiaomi 6a

    Xiaomi 6a

     6 days ago

    Девочка в красном платье умницаааааа

  • Xiaomi 6a

    Xiaomi 6a

     6 days ago

    Плохо нет перевода но приблизительно понятно ....все от души и судьи прекрасни

  • Xiaomi 6a

    Xiaomi 6a

     6 days ago

    Мама и Син приятно смотреть на такую любовь между мамой и сином.....я очень тоже люблю Сина своего ....больше жизни....и пели хорошо лайк

  • Xiaomi 6a

    Xiaomi 6a

     6 days ago

    За что четирем бабам голим золотой дождь не пойму 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  • Diana Tuiniereninjehoofd

    Diana Tuiniereninjehoofd

     7 days ago

    909 thumbs down, that's just jealousy!

  • Foodbombers


     14 days ago

    Pleas vyšší volume :)

  • Linda Röth

    Linda Röth

     14 days ago

    irelands got talent

  • Carmel Stewart

    Carmel Stewart

     14 days ago


  • Hajo Rodyk

    Hajo Rodyk

     21 days ago

    Omg, these shows should be renamed. Not a talent show, people are put through with golden buzzers, purely because of the hardships they’ve gone through. Yes they all have talent, and yes they deserve to go on, but certainly not golden buzzer material.

  • Eric's Grey Hair Wisdom

    Eric's Grey Hair Wisdom

     21 days ago

    No one is going to mention Elvis? Really? He sounds more like Elvis than Elvis did.

  • Dayred 2

    Dayred 2

     a months ago

    Is that *MONGRAAL*?? 19:03