Tasting Chilean MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 20, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/ZsPU7GKjFDI


  • Vishwadeep Sonawane

    Vishwadeep Sonawane

     a years ago +4196

    "One of the best lemonades I ever had because it tastes like Pineapple".

  • Sriracha dolphin

    Sriracha dolphin

     11 months ago +1628

    If he was a soldier he would be hiding in bushes whispering “boom” “thumbs up for me”. And blow his cover completely

  • Se Mer

    Se Mer

     3 months ago +292

    "this gotta be Beef . Im gonna guess it's Pork" 8:35
    " I'm guessing this is beef, this is gotta be chicken" 9:07

  • xFrYskii Clan

    xFrYskii Clan

     a years ago +787

    In America, you know him as (CRAZY) RussianHacker, BUT IN SOVIET RUSSIA, he's just hacker.

  • Daniella Soto

    Daniella Soto

     4 months ago +161

    It must be super easy to cook a meal for him! He really appreciates any food that is given to him, he is just so precious!

  • pretty flacko

    pretty flacko

     10 months ago +243

    * breaks cookie *
    very nice

  • Qsgz_ _ UNKNOWN

    Qsgz_ _ UNKNOWN

     11 months ago +369

    No I didn't read children in the title



     a years ago +89

    There is no pashtiet in this MRE

  • Woodsy yt

    Woodsy yt

     9 months ago +64

    Taras: we have rice with chicken curry , rice with pork curry and rice with pork curry😂 we have every different type of meat lol

  • Braxton Mclean

    Braxton Mclean

     2 months ago +74

    2 of them were pork one was chicken



     a years ago +352

    I love his MRE videos......BOOM
    Please try Indian MRE if there is one.......

  • nex gun

    nex gun

     a years ago +61


  • Big Boss

    Big Boss

     a years ago +71

    70% Joking about either Taras’s pronounciation or his english,also quotes
    10% Unfunny jokes with one thousand laughing emojis
    10% Boom,pashtet
    5% How Taras enjoys everything or calls everything amazing
    5% Actual,useful comments or comments about the dogs if they are present

  • Odbayar Enkhee

    Odbayar Enkhee

     a years ago +81

    Taras, how did your stomach feel after that plum juice haha

  • Bradley Orr

    Bradley Orr

     11 months ago +49

    You could eat a tree and say it was good you like everything I’m amazed keep up the good work bro

  • Prithviraj Abrol

    Prithviraj Abrol

     4 months ago +37

    "This is the best lemonade I've ever had because it's pineapple " 😂

  • Pablo Delgado

    Pablo Delgado

     2 months ago +29

    9:07 = chicken
    9:12 = pork
    9:15 = pork
    All with curry.

  • Nico Windley

    Nico Windley

     a years ago +10

    Crazy Russian Hacker is the BEST youtuber ever !

  • bekah gleason

    bekah gleason

     10 months ago +10

    "wow this is really hot, it's burning my hands" proceeds to touch and grab the scorching food 😂

  • Rob Jennings

    Rob Jennings

     4 months ago +11

    The plums are what we call in UK "prunes". Just dried plums In juice. Good for dessert and also for constipation !