Game Theory: How RICH is a Pokemon Master?

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 19, 2018
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    I want to be...the very best...and also very RICH!! Being a Pokemon Champion is the dream of many a child and adult, if we are being honest. Except, after you get past all the glory and the cute Pokemon, you have to wonder - is being a Pokemon Master a viable career choice? Can you survive on the money that you'd make? Well today Loyal Theorists, we are about to find out!!

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  • Sour lemon cat

    Sour lemon cat

     8 hours ago

    I want ash’s age

  • ganoninthepit


     11 hours ago

    I want Ash’s age!

  • Sana Bashir

    Sana Bashir

     13 hours ago

    But in sun and moon you can get a max of 9,999,999 poke dollars

  • vuhuy2006


     15 hours ago

    I want ash’s age!!1!

  • TilTok Flexer

    TilTok Flexer

     16 hours ago

    Y do u have to pay bills when ur exploring and catching Pokemon bucks ur not at ur house lol

  • Mad gamer

    Mad gamer

     17 hours ago

    I want Ash’s age!!!!1!!1!

  • Shadi L

    Shadi L

     22 hours ago

    i want ash's age!!!!1!

  • Syam Tawakkal

    Syam Tawakkal

     23 hours ago





    I am curious about how inflation has been in the Pokemon universe

  • Zion Najee-Ulah

    Zion Najee-Ulah


    but legendary pokemon

  • Harrison Sauer

    Harrison Sauer


    I want ash’s name

  • Naznin Nahar

    Naznin Nahar


    Is that a fma reference with those price tags

  • Thunder Owlysa

    Thunder Owlysa


    beginning is hilarious

  • Kyle Alex

    Kyle Alex


    It depends on where you live Japanese Pokèyen

  • james the fox 049

    james the fox 049

     2 days ago

    its pesos matpat

  • zyre Alonzo

    zyre Alonzo

     2 days ago

    But u travel other regions

  • Mirell Lank

    Mirell Lank

     2 days ago

    Waitwaitwait join the party or did I just not get the joke?

  • Rosie Walker

    Rosie Walker

     2 days ago +1

    I WANT ASH'S AGE!!1!!1!

  • brod1340 brod1340

    brod1340 brod1340

     2 days ago

    ash's age

  • I Identify as a Dragon

    I Identify as a Dragon

     2 days ago

    That’s why you always carry an amulet coin