ABC Song with Morphle! - Learn the alphabet and more education for kids. (colors and shapes)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 12, 2018
  • Morphle Playlist: In this compilation of the My Magic Pet Morphle cartoon Morphle morphs into all sorts of educational forms. Together with his best friend Mila they will teach your kids everything about the alphabet with a fun ABC song. They will also teach kids about colors and shapes.

    'My Magic Pet Morphle' is an animated hit tv show for toddlers and older kids. But because of it's fun colors and sounds it is even popular with babies. Morphle can morph into anything his human companion Mila wants. From dinosaus to cars, construction vehicles like diggers, dumptrucks and cranes to pets like cats dogs and lions! All our episodes have an educational core to them so that your kids can learn about things like shapes, numbers and colors.
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  • Thu Huyen

    Thu Huyen

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    Morphle, morph into the opposite of u

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    I'm Morphle

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    muhammad ali

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    nnnniccceeeeeeeeee u make my daughter happy :DDDDDD

  • F. Roldán

    F. Roldán

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    the egg is also shaped like an oval ¿did you know that?

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    Alvince Jaden Ignacio

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    Are You real

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    nice video its nice

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  • The RedGirl

    The RedGirl

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    I like ABC And Math

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    Great job

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    Ay ufo alienz exist

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    ლ(╹◡╹ლ) I Love Morphle

  • Kids Town

    Kids Town

     a years ago +3

    My daughter loves these videos! We watch them EVERY SINGLE DAY! I hope that my channel will be as influential as yours is in teaching children! Keep up the great work!

  • Ronilo Banggay

    Ronilo Banggay

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    A b c song with morphle

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    Kinder Toys Tv

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    Nice videooo

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    Who the heck is the little blue girl name

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    Nice video