Game Theory: Are GTA V Cops Racist? (Grand Theft Auto V)

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  • Published on:  Thursday, March 12, 2015
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    Grand Theft Auto V is a superlative game. It is one of THE most popular games of all time. It also happens to be one of the most realistic virtual worlds ever created in a video game. But the franchise is known for being one of the most CONTROVERSIAL. So would Rockstar go so far as to program in RACIAL PROFILING into its AI. Any other game would be an obvious NO,...but might be surprised by what we found.

    Twitter: @MatPatGT

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  • Remrod47


     13 hours ago

    Sponsored by Los Santos Police Department

  • Your Local Poop Dealer

    Your Local Poop Dealer


    Go to the ammunation with the shooting range from the long stretch mission as franklin and he racial profiles him to be a gangbanger

  • JamesGamin H10

    JamesGamin H10


    Who is watching on December?

  • ToMtRoOpEr


     2 days ago

    Another piece of Racism I’ve found is that while playing the full story I’ve always been bad at driving and crash into other cars but people only get out there car to shout at me or fight me while I’m franklin

  • Bob Barker

    Bob Barker

     3 days ago

    So, how do you do the Casino Heist?

  • Letlotlo Molise

    Letlotlo Molise

     4 days ago

    Sees the doll in intro
    Wait if MatPat is using a doll that looks like jynx to symbolize racism
    Then that means Jynx symbolizes racism!!???

  • MR.Niceguy 101

    MR.Niceguy 101

     5 days ago

    Michael:annoys the police
    Police:does nothing
    Franklin:does nothing
    Police:Peace was never an option

  • komo - rowskyy

    komo - rowskyy

     7 days ago

    OMG game theory you are stupid. Police shoots us because Michael, Franklin or trevor are robbers

  • Jollypk


     7 days ago

    I think its just the cops being more cautious of the people that live near the neighborhood like they did to franklin because they know him more than said trevor or micheal

  • Vegan Guy

    Vegan Guy

     7 days ago

    Cops crash into your car

    Instant three star

  • Edward Bouchard

    Edward Bouchard

     7 days ago +1

    Make this video I late 2019 for a pg13 content

  • Taylor Faith

    Taylor Faith

     7 days ago

    for anybody wondering as of 2018 GTA V earned $6 billion

  • SK1dDaDLe


     14 days ago

    This video Takes me to simpler times

  • Bird Killer

    Bird Killer

     14 days ago

    Woah REALLY!?

  • Lucaxew 547XYZ

    Lucaxew 547XYZ

     14 days ago


  • Roblox Guest

    Roblox Guest

     14 days ago +1

    Cop:im gonna end this mans whole career

  • Combine Unit 6716

    Combine Unit 6716

     14 days ago +1

    Getting Attacked
    Police: Tats fine
    Self Defense
    Police: get that motherf**er

  • Peyton N Stencell

    Peyton N Stencell

     14 days ago

    Me and my friend make jokes about how the cops are racist, then I saw this

  • Jeff Peterson

    Jeff Peterson

     21 days ago

    That last picture 🤣

  • OGxFiveStar 1

    OGxFiveStar 1

     21 days ago

    That’s the most og intro