Is it possible to beat New Super Mario Bros. DS without touching a single coin?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 20, 2018
  • Can New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS be beaten without ever touching nor collecting a single coin? From what I have found online so far, no one has posted a video trying this challenge. This video will show you every levels and their problems and issues when trying to never touch a single coin! After watching, you'll finally know the answer to the question : Is it possible to beat New Super Mario Bros. DS without touching a single coin?

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    🎶 Music Used 🎶
    🎵 New Super Mario Bros. DS Soundtrack
    🎵 Title Screen
    🎵 World 1 - The Mushroom Plains
    🎵 Walking the plains
    🎵 In the underground
    🎵 The mushroom waltz
    🎵 Koopa Kid's Castle
    🎵 Tiny Mario
    🎵 Underwater World
    🎵 Main Boss Castle
    🎵 Walking the hot desert
    🎵 Fun at the beach
    🎵 Haunted Mansion
    🎵 World 5 - The Snow Plains
    🎵 Flowing Lava
    🎵 End Credits
    🎵 Hurry
    🎵 Versus Result Screen

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  • Jeffrey Lin

    Jeffrey Lin

     15 hours ago

    I’d enjoy the video more if the guy wasn’t talking the whole time

  • Aelekag Tube

    Aelekag Tube

     17 hours ago

    Did You Just Say Spiny Shell 2:33

  • Bum Fuzzle

    Bum Fuzzle

     2 days ago

    I like how he says lahvah instead of lawvaw (lava)

  • It's MINIDENIS2000

    It's MINIDENIS2000

     4 days ago

    6:22 BAH!

  • DiamondPizza100


     6 days ago

    is it possible to get to w 8-tower withought touching a coin, yes

    is it possible to beat thr game with mini mario, yes

    is it possible to get past w 8-tower because the stupid level designers put coins in the middle of a path that you cant avoid? no

  • Furret lover 💖

    Furret lover 💖

     7 days ago


  • Hjoshk


     7 days ago

    Can we all just keep in mind he also virtually did a no damage run

  • Colorful Lightning

    Colorful Lightning

     7 days ago

    your better than me while touching coins. im sad

  • Robert Salmon

    Robert Salmon

     7 days ago

    Why do you hate the coins

  • The Stealthy Bomber

    The Stealthy Bomber

     14 days ago

    Tough luck man

  • Ryan Luna

    Ryan Luna

     14 days ago

    Answer is no saved you 22+ minutes

  • Guiller977 / Vulcano

    Guiller977 / Vulcano

     14 days ago

    you just got a suscribe for the intro hahahahahahhaahha "the cheaper version of ceave"

  • Martim Ferreira

    Martim Ferreira

     14 days ago

    good old Mario vibes bro

  • ܝܘܿܣܹܦ


     14 days ago

    This game was my childhood

  • Lixix


     14 days ago

    Little did Pewdiepie know when he made that video on Default Dan...

    ...It would be made into an entire trend.

  • Yoshifan456


     21 days ago

    Oh i love this game

  • Phoenix White

    Phoenix White

     21 days ago

    This unlocked one of the deepest memories I own and I'm just aaaaaAAAAAA

  • Enchanted Spoon

    Enchanted Spoon

     21 days ago

    Does big Mario make coins scatter when he ground pounds?

  • Kitty Crafters

    Kitty Crafters

     21 days ago

    the quality of mini mario is really bad lmao

  • Hilda Hunkernickel

    Hilda Hunkernickel

     28 days ago

    Wait a minute so what are you put the boomerang person and the other person super close to flagpole and the other person's phone when it's about to come out he froze there a dead