Game Theory: Super Mario Odyssey's GIANT Problem (Nintendo)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 11, 2017
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    SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY looks stunning, but one major detail from the Super Mario Odyssey trailer caused me to start theorizing right when I saw it: Why is everybody ENORMOUS?! Well after days of research, I have an answer. In this episode, I will reveal the reason behind the Human Gigantism we see in Super Mario Odyssey's gameplay! Can I solve the Super Mario Odyssey mystery before Nintendo reveals more about the game at E3? I'm going to try!

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  • Justin PageSlayer

    Justin PageSlayer

     15 hours ago

    Can’t wait for Super Mario Aeneid (It’s gonna be a fan made game)

  • Salvatore Cerbone

    Salvatore Cerbone

     15 hours ago

    No offense but... Mario is short so u madafuppar did a video of bananas but thanks for making me learn about bananas stuff



     yesterday +1

    5:37 Just why




    Or just simple, Mario didn't got a mushroom and he is just so small. Because we all know now that there aren't any power ups in this game and we know in the beginning of most Mario games we start as small Mario.

  • Crystalgaming4u Gamer

    Crystalgaming4u Gamer


    Fortnite is now connected to donkey kong country, PEELY?????????? Uwuy

  • Reagan Callahan

    Reagan Callahan

     2 days ago

    sad how all it takes for mt fear of snakes at full blast is a cartoon snake from donkey kong

  • mr guidi

    mr guidi

     4 days ago +1

    Or maybe mario is just small..... BU HEY THIS IS JUST A THEORY

  • Dan Daven de la cruz

    Dan Daven de la cruz

     5 days ago

    marios just short like krillin from dragon ball z

  • Connor McCartney

    Connor McCartney

     6 days ago

    So Much Shilling!

  • Andrew Lindsley

    Andrew Lindsley

     6 days ago

    Are the bananas the craby paddy’s Secret ingredient

  • Danielle And wyatte Kowaski

    Danielle And wyatte Kowaski

     7 days ago

    Damn to bad I'm allergic to banannas

  • Natalie Mandel

    Natalie Mandel

     7 days ago +4

    Are these bananas related to the mighty bananas in Zelda: Botw?

  • pikaboy20 pabon

    pikaboy20 pabon

     7 days ago

    DO GAME THEORY CUSTOM AMIIBOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #gametheoryfolife

  • Jetro of the Filipino

    Jetro of the Filipino

     7 days ago

    Me:President donkey Kong what should we do with the boigas?
    Donkey kong:put bananas in them
    Customers:I love these new boigas
    Me:wow it actually worked
    Customers:*becomes 10 feet tall*
    Me:never mind...

  • Snatch Pro

    Snatch Pro

     7 days ago

    Damn advertisement for over 3 min, including a fidget spinner. Skip to 3:26 to skip.

  • Tierzah Madore

    Tierzah Madore

     7 days ago

    I ordered a fidget spinner and never got it.

  • Ya boi

    Ya boi

     7 days ago

    2:44 SMASH THAT!

  • Damian Fuentes

    Damian Fuentes

     7 days ago

    Actually browser was working to capture everyone so maybe he took the bananas to lure DK out

  • S Boy

    S Boy

     7 days ago +2

    Have you ever considered that Mario could be the small one here? I mean....


  • Jacinda Wright

    Jacinda Wright

     7 days ago

    Wait so when bowser grows really big he just eats bananas