Ice Cream Sandwiches 3 Ways



  • Giovanni Gomez

    Giovanni Gomez

     a years ago +77

    The most expensive ice cream sandwich you’ll ever eat

  • xLttPx


     a years ago +29

    Yeah guys its super easy! Just go buy pints of ice cream that are $7 a pop and make 2 ice cream sandwiches!

  • Retro Vybz

    Retro Vybz

     a years ago +115

    I see that scrumptious thumbnail, I clicked :))

  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     a years ago +384

    The perfect treats for the summer heat

  • Always Hungry ASMR

    Always Hungry ASMR

     a years ago +236

    My mother is watering so badly, I love this recipe 💚💙❤💛💜

  • Jonathan33gold


     a years ago +18

    Since Justin Y. is here might aswell comment

  • King Vegeta

    King Vegeta

     a years ago +23

    That last one seemed so lazy lol

  • Marzipan


     a years ago +7

    Wow. So many people in the comments say 'I'd love to work at tasty' but I really wouldn't, you need to be really creative and wild ad make your own recipes and all with in a time limit. Like I can't handle all that pressure lol.

  • FlyTitan


     a years ago +5

    Man those are T H I C C

  • Jenny :D

    Jenny :D

     a years ago +2

    The best thing about Tasty...
    They dont clickbait us 0w0

  • Hbfjkx Jnfnf

    Hbfjkx Jnfnf

     a years ago +35

    why is there 40 views and 80 likes?

  • Claudia Ivy

    Claudia Ivy

     a years ago +1

    I'm so hungry I want to eat all tasty's recipes and staff 😈💚💙❤💛💜😁😁👍👍

  • Kitbash


     a years ago +5

    /summon David Seymour

  • Minion Poop

    Minion Poop

     a years ago +1

    When I'm hungry.... just watch food

  • Lovely E

    Lovely E

     a years ago +2

    30 views and 55 likes youtube is drunk again

  • mason


     a years ago +9

    this makes my teeth hurt

  • Candy Floss99

    Candy Floss99

     a years ago +2

    The last one was the best one

  • Geeky Ro

    Geeky Ro

     a years ago +28

    David needs to do these like now

  • Helen Gamez

    Helen Gamez

     a years ago +2

    I NEED the last one in my life XD (the chocolate sprinkles one)

  • Anas Kohai

    Anas Kohai

     a years ago

    You can change the title to android 4.0.4 3 ways
    just jooking