The Break with Michelle Wolf | Congrats Serena | Netflix

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 21, 2018
  • Michelle Wolf congratulates Serena Williams on losing Wimbledon, a remarkable achievement. The Break with Michelle Wolf streaming now, with new episodes every Sunday.

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    The Break with Michelle Wolf | Congrats Serena | Netflix
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  • GamingFunnyTv j

    GamingFunnyTv j

     a years ago

    stop swering

  • ferzy09


     a years ago

    Kerber  DOES  have  a  "mint-condition  pu$$y"        coz  shez  a virgin,    &  lesbian to boot.

  • quicksite


     a years ago

    Michelle is amazing in her very unique observational humor...
    You can hate on her for that voice — or maybe let it grow on you— it does.

  • Reggie Noble

    Reggie Noble

     a years ago

    Great monologue!!

  • Malcolm Swoboda

    Malcolm Swoboda

     a years ago

    Even when the jokes hit, I ..can't listen. Especially on earphones, it actually hurts my drums. On low volume.

  • Adam Shepard

    Adam Shepard

     a years ago

    Also, this is funny: that isn't her real voice. But since she started speaking that way in front of audiences, she is now stuck doing that voice on stage forever.

  • Adam Shepard

    Adam Shepard

     a years ago

    Enjoyed the material that was written for her at the Correspondent's Dinner. But she really isn't funny.

  • twoilers


     a years ago

    This passes for humor in 2018 ?
    Complete trash !!!

  • Geoffrey Brockmeier

    Geoffrey Brockmeier

     a years ago

    Shit like this is why I cancelled Netflix.

  • kasperl666


     a years ago

    First Amy Schumer , now the next unfunny crap !! Stop this Netfilx !!!

  • terejov


     a years ago

    She is the best! So witty! I love her ❤

  • lcbeeable


     a years ago

    Agree with everything she said (just wish she said it in a different voice, but that's my issue, not hers!). :-)

  • bloodmuffin123


     a years ago

    It's obvious Netflix is being run by the regressive left between this shrill shrew and bill nigh the engineer guy the idealogical bias is plain to see.

  • Bananarama


     a years ago

    Her show is actually hilarious.

  • rottimus prime

    rottimus prime

     a years ago

    She always reminds of Whoa Vicky's older sister 😂😂😂.

  • Burgundy Llama

    Burgundy Llama

     a years ago

    Unfunny 🐒 trying to be funny.

  • Murlynd 73

    Murlynd 73

     a years ago

    I wonder when Netflix is going to ask you to be to take the thumbs up and thumbs down off like they took the rating off their shows since the Amy Schumer debacle. And yes they removed ratings because everyone boomed her specials and she cried about it

  • rebeca prat

    rebeca prat

     a years ago

    This si funny sad and true congrats Michelle haters gona hate you are great.

  • Rusty Nail

    Rusty Nail

     a years ago

    Hmm, wonder why she doesn't have a boyfriend....could it be her voice, or could it be her lack of talent? Or, maybe her lame ass joke about men vs women in sports.

  • Galen816


     a years ago

    So here is a thought. Im not American. Im not interested in your petty stupid pointing-fingers-at-the-other-side games. I dont care wo you voted for. I dont care If you are are woman or a man or whatever you want to be. I dont care. I do care about getting forcefed political ideology every time I turn on the tv or my computer. Be it one side or the other. IT GETS TIRESOME REALLY FAST. I subscribed to Netflix to be entertained. Some of their shows a great. Others like this are not. Political humor can be really funny. I however do not find her funny. Im sorry but i do not. I suspect Im not allowed to have an opinion on this show since opinions are only allowed if they match your own. I guess the reflex response could be that I should just watch something else. And yes I could do that. And believe me I do. But since Im being forcefed this on youtube and on Netflix ( did I mention that I pay to see Netflix ? ) I think Im entitled to an opinion on the matter. So I would like Netflix to consider the fact that the whole world does not revolve around American politics and I for one will not pay to be a part of an American political battle. I dont care what side Netflix chooses. I dont care if one side or the other wins. I dont care which side you support. Im just not gonna pay for any of it.