Building A Ground Level DECK - (Part 1)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 20, 2019
  • In this video, I am building a deck frame. Designed to have a floating look. Thanks to Trex for Sponsoring this video. To learn more about Trex Protect Joist Tape, visit

    See PART TWO of the finished deck:

    I will finish off the deck with composite decking from Trex

    Check out my Woodworking Plans:

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    2 by 8 pressure treated lumber
    4 by 4 pressure treated lumber

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  • DIY Creators

    DIY Creators

     a months ago +8

    Thank you for your feedback on this video. I addressed as much of the concern as I could in the next video. See PART TWO of the finished deck here:

  • Calea Adevarului

    Calea Adevarului

     17 hours ago

    Not to worry i work in the industry, thats some of the best weed barrier you can use. It works great.

  • Scott


     23 hours ago

    I like the projects you work on and the tips you give. I also appreciate the quality of the video production. So many Youtube videos leave me with nausea and a headache from unneeded camera movement, weird angles and sloppy editing. Cheers

  • Johnathon Barnes

    Johnathon Barnes

     6 days ago

    we dont build decks like this in new zealand even at ground level,this would be far to weak and flimsey for our enviroment,where are the bearers at?

  • Jack De Haan

    Jack De Haan

     7 days ago

    Seems to me that too many people are worried about code. It's just a simple deck, amply supported, and for sure it will last for 20 years if not more. For what it is, I think it's well done.

  • Ben Whittingham

    Ben Whittingham

     7 days ago

    Who the hell uses a square to mark timber they cut on a mitre saw? Lol

  • Nathaniel Lowry

    Nathaniel Lowry

     7 days ago

    Hey man, well done looks fantastic!!

  • Victor Silva Antero

    Victor Silva Antero

     14 days ago


  • Станислав С

    Станислав С

     14 days ago

    Деревянные столбы залил батоном, а что делать через пять лет когда все сгниет

  • Joe Framer

    Joe Framer

     14 days ago +1

    Everything you did is completely wrong, won’t pass code, unsafe and a structural mess....DO NOT FOLLOW THIS BUILDING PRACTICE...!!!!!!! Please never build anything again

  • 더아톰


     14 days ago

    헐... 이거참

  • black buddha

    black buddha

     14 days ago

    У нас даже самые рукожопы такого себе не позволяют. Это не то что на коленке сделано, а на каком-то другом органе. У нас бы уже столько гавна получил бы в комментах, а буржуи вон делают и не парятся. Миллионы подписчиков и тысячи лайков.

  • Ryan Schmaltz

    Ryan Schmaltz

     14 days ago

    Wrong way to attach beams to posts.

  • dimon Tirmit

    dimon Tirmit

     14 days ago

    absolutely without competently done

  • dimon Tirmit

    dimon Tirmit

     14 days ago

    абсолютно без грамотно сделано

  • Joaquin Flores

    Joaquin Flores

     14 days ago

    You got it brother!👍

  • Forgive Repent

    Forgive Repent

     14 days ago

    Metal or Pier and bean post

  • Moist and Squishy

    Moist and Squishy

     14 days ago

    Not a big fan of Florida soil.. looks like it contains a massive amount of pathogens

  • Don Thompson

    Don Thompson

     14 days ago +9

    This would never pass a building inspection where I live - for a whole bunch of reasons.

  • chris white

    chris white

     14 days ago

    Lots of good comments, one thing I didn't see was crowning. Make sure to check your lumber, crown up.