10 3D Printed Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 22, 2017
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Z5qO4zwu3Jk


  • Dave Smatlak

    Dave Smatlak

     a years ago +200


  • R 453

    R 453

     a years ago +62

    I love that he is so comfortable about eating in front of us.😆

  • Iverson


     a years ago +21

    "Looks in the background" Has a god dang bow hanging from the ceiling. XD

  • England Is My CITY

    England Is My CITY

     a years ago +232

    IN MOTHER RUSSIA 3D Printed gadjiks test you

  • chico


     a years ago +531

    "Teedee pinter"

  • Shuayb Sharif

    Shuayb Sharif

     a years ago +438

    Them slippers tho 😂😂😂

  • Jose Heredia

    Jose Heredia

     a years ago +20

    I would drink vodka with that guy..

  • AlabasterJazz


     a years ago +20

    You should try a nifty gadget called a cutting board: they come in either wood or plastic, and are much better for your knives and counter-top, plus they are pretty easy to clean :)

  • Raj Shree

    Raj Shree

     a years ago +11

    I wonder what he did of those 3 cokes

  • mariel ivana

    mariel ivana

     a years ago +228

    I need me one of those chop stick gadgets in my life

  • morenauer


     a years ago +1064

    Can you 3d print booms?

  • Yxngg_Ruben T

    Yxngg_Ruben T

     a years ago +15

    The way he sips on his teaa

  • The Richardson's

    The Richardson's

     a years ago +28

    Congrats on being 9th on trending

  • Buggy92905


     a years ago +7

    In Soviet Russia.. gadget uses you

  • Shko Tariq

    Shko Tariq

     a years ago +102

    "Tride prendter kitchin gkajiks"

  • Madison Spencer

    Madison Spencer

     a years ago +193

    i love his slippers

  • Jamaican MeCrazy

    Jamaican MeCrazy

     a years ago +119

    Im pretty sure that egg holder has another use. Youre supposed to cook a soft boiled egg, and cut off the top of the egg, then you dip thinly sliced bread smeared with butter into the yolk. I know thats a typicall Breakfast in Germany. Its really good too, you should try it.

  • RedpepperGG


     a years ago +10


  • Star Skyy

    Star Skyy

     a years ago +186

    Chapstick? ....Or chopsticks😂

  • Kingston4740


     a years ago +24

    You should open a 3D-printer donation fundraiser.