RC Tank Battle - Paintball

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 10, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/Z14-S1X87z0


  • Stuart Edge

    Stuart Edge

     a years ago +584

    Thanks for having me!

  • Rise Random

    Rise Random

     a years ago +447

    No Tanks Where Harmed in the making of This Video

  • Jim Pickens

    Jim Pickens

     8 months ago +12

    Rare footage of the battle of kursk.
    July 7th, 1943 (colorized)

  • Damir


     a years ago +14

    Btw the person that drives a tank is a driver .. There can be commander , driver , gunner , radio operatior and a loader .. at least in world of tanks :D

  • The Jeffrey 27

    The Jeffrey 27

     a years ago +30

    What if you did this but with boats or airplanes/drones/helicopters?

  • Tha Corruptor

    Tha Corruptor

     a years ago +84

    Im sad watching this video. Most of the clips of the paintballs being shot out, they were broken coming out. Shouldnt they be whole and then break on impact of the target?? I wanted to see what actual carnage they would do to the foam.

  • THE GAMER TV 2500

    THE GAMER TV 2500

     a years ago +7

    ''Real tanks cant spin up like these " SHOWS RUSSIAN BT 7

  • Keven P.

    Keven P.

     a years ago +98

    World of tanks is dying in NA! Im so surprised they came to you for advertising xD

  • Warren Can

    Warren Can

     a years ago +7

    You rolled 9 You hit the ammunition exploding the tank and no crew survives the explosion.

  • Magic Flaming Chicken Nugget

    Magic Flaming Chicken Nugget

     a years ago +3

    Hey I was wondering, can u make an airsoft pistol tank? Same concept but it would still be really cool. Love your guys vids!

  • Karan Garg

    Karan Garg

     a years ago +151

    Try and make high vaccum by using charcoal to adsorb remaining traces of air.?
    Like if you want him to do this

  • I don't deserve subs

    I don't deserve subs

     a years ago +59

    I just watched your video about blowing up firecrackers in gasoline. The fuse kept going out so I wonder what would happen if you used an electrically ignited explosive

  • CW movie clips

    CW movie clips

     a years ago +2


  • Damir


     a years ago +2

    Try to make something simular , but with planes or ships even :D

  • saksham kumar

    saksham kumar

     a years ago +1

    king of random you are the coolest youtuber

  • Dr Hu

    Dr Hu

     a years ago +3

    What if you made a rail gun that shot an actual rocket

  • ThatBrick Films

    ThatBrick Films

     a years ago +1

    I Dare you to melt tungsten some how

  • Andrean Travis

    Andrean Travis

     2 months ago +1

    Hey I'd like for you to make a golf cart size tank plez

  • LKTN


     a years ago +3

    i just read that scientists turned a shot of tequila into diamonds by heating it up to 800 degrees celsius. would be cool to see if you could use the foundry to try it!

  • Not_Jdizzle


     a years ago +4

    Tank drivers are called "drivers"