MLB 10+ Run Innings 2019 Defending Team Announcers

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 19, 2019
  • After getting this heavily requested video, I have decided to remake my 10 run inning video with the defending team's announcers. Enjoy!

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  • Foolish Baseball

    Foolish Baseball

     2 months ago +547

    This is the niche content we all crave.

  • cris rodriguez

    cris rodriguez


    If you can find the radio feed for the Braves in game 5 of the 19 nlds.... That was painful.

  • Candy Banks

    Candy Banks

     4 days ago

    One more to add now. R.I.P. Braves.

  • Evan Contreras

    Evan Contreras

     4 days ago

    Gotta have do one with Hawk Harrelson announcing for the Sox giving up a 10+ run inning

  • ICY_Gamerz 168

    ICY_Gamerz 168

     5 days ago

    Add game 5 of the braves vs cards 2019 NLDS

  • Ethan Kibbey

    Ethan Kibbey

     5 days ago +3

    Watching this after the Cardinals 10 run NLDS game 5 1st inning



     6 days ago +3

    On Game 5 Of The 2019 NLDS, The Cardinals Got 10 Runs At The Top Of The 1st Inning Against The Braves.

  • J SH

    J SH

     7 days ago

    I highly appreciate the use of the opposite team's commentators!

  • Gabriel Enriquez

    Gabriel Enriquez

     7 days ago

    Good idea

  • Gabriel James

    Gabriel James

     14 days ago

    Rosario caused a 10 run inning..never seen a SS do that.

  • The Spicy Bros 10000

    The Spicy Bros 10000

     14 days ago

    I feel so bad for Hughes. When he gave up that three run shot it looked like he was about to cry

  • Albert Hoelting

    Albert Hoelting

     14 days ago

    It's crazy how these pitchers have a good game until inning 5 or 6 and then it all goes down hill in a short period of time

  • Anthony Pisculli

    Anthony Pisculli

     a months ago

    Do a video of grand slams called by opposing announcers

  • Kelvin Nieves

    Kelvin Nieves

     a months ago +1

    00:53 why he look like the police man running from Cloudy With A Chance if Meatballs 👮🏿‍♂️

  • RinkyDink Productions

    RinkyDink Productions

     a months ago

    This is a video i didnt know I needed

  • Inanimate Carbon Rod

    Inanimate Carbon Rod

     a months ago

    so many runs with 2 outs. I woulda punched iglesias in the face

  • Rylee Arnold

    Rylee Arnold

     a months ago +1

    I thought to myself I should count the errors but realized there were way too many

  • RundownOyster


     a months ago

    Orioles vs Kansas City 2 grand slam 3 homer inning?

  • z1k3 PsYcHo

    z1k3 PsYcHo

     a months ago +1

    Such a creative idea lol

  • It’s Clos

    It’s Clos

     a months ago

    If I had money on any of these teams and they lose after winning by so much I would BREAK MY TV