Yesterworld: The History of Rocket Rods & The Abandoned Peoplemover

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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    Exploring the history of Disneyland's failed Tomorrowland 1998, the troubled Rocket Rods attraction, and why it became one of the most expensive and short lived attractions in Disney history.

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  • Yesterworld Entertainment

    Yesterworld Entertainment

     a years ago +206

    I was lucky enough to ride Rocket Rods at least once during a trip to Disneyland around 1999-2000 (can’t remember the exact year), and I’ve always found the elements surrounding it’s creation and eventual demise absolutely fascinating. There’s a lot more to the story than meets the eye, with many connections to other events in Disney’s theme park history, so I hope you enjoy this exploration of how the PeopleMover & Rocket Rods came to be, their eventual tragic fates, and how essential they were/are to Tomorrowland’s history and future!

    Mark aka Yesterworld

  • nascarthunder631


     28 days ago

    Dont fix what isn't broken.

  • disney fan81

    disney fan81

     1 months ago

    I actually have a sign from the Peoplemover in my Disneyana collection.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Patrick Peralta

     2 months ago

    they never should have closed the people mover. people loved the ride.

  • Patrick Peralta

    Patrick Peralta

     2 months ago

    I miss the people mover and wish they would bring it back. was not a fan of Rocket Rods.

  • Decayed Angel Productions

    Decayed Angel Productions

     2 months ago

    I rode it once. The line was about 2 hours long, and I recall quite boring, nothing to see. So unlike Indy, which as you know is so well themed. I thought to ride was fun when it was moving fast, kind of thrilling, how mouse rides are, you feel like you're going to fly off the track. But then the slow-downs...all those years ago, and only ridden once, and I remember how disappointing those slow-downs were! I do wish they'd make up their minds to do something with that track, as much money as they're pouring into other parts of the park. Having that old people mover track is almost like a big fat tombstone in the center of Tomorrowland.

  • The TNT Raider

    The TNT Raider

     3 months ago

    ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Disneyland has finally decided to remove the rocks at the entrance of Tomorrowland! Demolition is already underway! It’s only a matter of time before we possibly see walls go up around Tomorrowland!

  • PhoenixPhire22


     3 months ago

    Rocket Rods sucked. 2 hour wait for a pretty lame ride. I don't remember it munched other than telling people standing in line they're wasting their time and the ride sucked.

  • Nicholas Comunelli

    Nicholas Comunelli

     3 months ago

    So we brought back Soarin Over California for the summer at DCA. I noticed the Rocket Rods queue Entrance in the Disneyland Scene. Thought of this video. Love you guys

  • BlueTimmalloroy


     3 months ago

    Tomorrow land at Disney land is a mess and it may have started with this

  • Eric Barker

    Eric Barker

     3 months ago

    I love these videos...they basically just prove that Disney has always been a company that has never had the money to fulfill their dreams. I mean a bunch of great ideas, but they never have the money for them, and then they just keep cobbling things together that never really work.

  • headfangs


     3 months ago

    I was able to ride this exactly once, after something like 4 hours in the queue, watching that godforsaken travel history cartoon about a hundred times while guests cheered every successful (but empty) ride vehicle that whirred by overhead. There was something weirdly communal happening in the monotony of that queue lol. We were bound together by common purpose and suffering.

    Most of the time the vehicles would speed by the window you could see from the inner queue, then suddenly stop. Cast members repeatedly came down to apologize, and most guests gave up when they realized they’d been in line for an hour without moving. The ride would work fine for a dozen guests, then go down again. I don’t remember why teen me was so bound and determined to ride it, other than it being new, but we stuck it out.

    By the time we got upstairs and into the loading area it was dark out, and I seem to remember the lights on the vehicles, so I must have gone after they were added. For what it was, and even with the slowdowns, I remember it being pretty fun, but that might have been my brain trying to justify waiting hours in line for one ride. By the next time I went to Disneyland, it was gone forever.

  • reimagineering.tomorrowland


     4 months ago

    Rocket Rods was a pretty fun ride, even with it's weird quirks but I really miss the People Mover. A lot of people don't even know about the tunnels inside the buildings that had the Tron Cycles, dune buggy races and car races projected on the walls that made it feel like you were going as fast as the scenes. It was a really cool effect. I'm digitally re-imagining Tomorrowland and I'm bringing back some old classic rides along with a new one. If you're interested, I post my work in progress images on my instagram:

  • Liam the gamer man

    Liam the gamer man

     4 months ago

    I would replace the ROCKET RODS with (THE SPRITE TRAM) it is a slow tour thought TomorrowLand🍋💚🚃

  • Midnight Sonnet

    Midnight Sonnet

     4 months ago

    I remember the People Mover. It was a nice chill ride and I always looked for it when entering Tommorowland. I did not like the Rocket Rods, though. It was weird speeding up, then slowing down, speeding up, then slowing down, and on and on. It was odd and I only went on it once. Was glad when they got rid of it.

    I do miss Honey I Shrunk The Audience, though. It was so much fun and immersive. :)

  • Thomas Schofield

    Thomas Schofield

     4 months ago

    At Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, after the completion of DCA's Marvel Land in 2020, they could refurbish Tomorrowland, eliminate Star Tours, Launch Bay, Path of the Jedi, eliminate the old / unused observatron plus all the old / unused PeopleMover & Rocket Rod tracks and in the above ground platform, make it the New PeopleMover without motorized tracks by the summer of 2025 for Disneyland's 70th anniversary.
    In addition, they could add the Tron Coaster somewhere in Tomorrowland.

  • Jomaster The Second

    Jomaster The Second

     4 months ago

    Futuristic transport vehicles... of the future.

  • Eflat Productions

    Eflat Productions

     4 months ago

    This was such a bad ride and a waste of money. They had to reinforce Space Mountain with I beams because they were finding cracks in the building. These thing were not made for this use, and some of the attraction people said you could see fire coming out of them. The there is the fact that one of the drive shafts broke sending the belt flying towards Small World. When they checked the drive shafts, they found 90% had cracks. So the attraction was shut down for five weeks, after opening like a month or so earlier.

  • Dennise Yanes

    Dennise Yanes

     5 months ago

    where is the display in California adventure???????????????????????????????

  • Expialidocious46545


     5 months ago

    I was lucky enough to ride Rocket Rods twice. The first time I rode it I waited 6 hours! Even though the attraction kept breaking down my family was determined to ride it because we all thought it would close soon due to the maintenance problems.