McDonalds vs Burger King in Paris France, WORST FAST FOOD Meal!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 9, 2019
  • I like to try out Mcdonalds and burger king in different countries, but this fast food was by far one of the worst ones I've had.

    Here's my review and comparison of Europe's McDonald's and Burger King in Paris.
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  • rebel without a comma

    rebel without a comma

     2 days ago

    I work all day in Paris. Yes, almost 5 hrs. Twice as much as everyone around me.

  • Cervantes Cisneros

    Cervantes Cisneros

     14 days ago

    Why anyone would eat American fast food in Europe is beyond me. I would rather eat a Kebap then eat Americas garabage.

  • Jaymie Depace

    Jaymie Depace

     1 months ago

    The burgers from McDonald’s in Germany are also dry, maybe it’s a European thing. They have a truffle chicken and beef burgers, which I’m curious about, if you are ever in Germany try them out!

  • Dylon Hu

    Dylon Hu

     2 months ago

    Imagine he bought a ticket to America for the crape girl

  • wallace derouchie

    wallace derouchie

     2 months ago

    Next time ask for fresh food were they have took a fresh food for you

  • Julien Varenne

    Julien Varenne

     2 months ago

    The quality of McDonald's here really depends on the individual restaurant.. That one.. With graffitis on the wall... Must have bad reviews... But there are other McDonald's with better products, more toppings.. Less dryness..

  • Aidan Clarke

    Aidan Clarke

     2 months ago

    I agree with you. McDonald's in France is really becoming crap.

  • Kai Xian Wong

    Kai Xian Wong

     3 months ago

    Mike Chen : We can make it better by...DIPPING IT IN BROTH

  • Melaneezo


     4 months ago

    How are you not like 800 lbs? I need answers! 😂

  • lashawn spence

    lashawn spence

     4 months ago

    From now on when you go to McDonald's tell them you want a fesh cooked burger

  • Savithiridevi sreekanth

    Savithiridevi sreekanth

     4 months ago

    Bro your channels name is strictly dumpling

  • Senseiirelia


     4 months ago

    I love the French girls accent 😂😊😂(in a good way)

  • David Ya

    David Ya

     4 months ago

    breads, bacons and meats are always dry in McDonald & Quick France. I am avoid these kind of places. I rather go to BK. Vegetables looks more fresh, the cheese is also better, the meats are excellents !

  • Ekichionixuka101


     4 months ago

    Mikey chen you got yourself a new subscriber. I feel like you should have more compared to the other food entertainer youtubers. Since you travel all around the world eating a variety of different food

  • Philicia Cowan

    Philicia Cowan

     4 months ago

    How do you go to other countries and know where the good food is!

  • Drunxt


     4 months ago +2

    "the beef taste cleaner"
    i wonder why -_-

  • axel b

    axel b

     4 months ago

    what the goal ? Testing the worst restaurant for tourist in Paris ? Hahah

  • SRC


     4 months ago

    I like the way you muk bang. I've subscribed.

  • C M

    C M

     4 months ago

    Mike at McDonald's: what is going on in this country?
    Me: You went to Paris and had McDonald's of all things. Clearly they were never known for Micky D. I understand wanting to try these places in different countries to see how they stack up to the US. And the food is cheaper and quick to get. I went to McDonald's in Paris once because we were in a hurry, but we enjoyed Parisian and European food for most of our trip.

  • arnaud vaugeois

    arnaud vaugeois

     4 months ago +1

    What do you expect from McDonald's, worts burger joint in the world