Red White and Blue Berry Rolls



  • Karin Prince

    Karin Prince

     a years ago +32

    More like red white and purple. Love it tho💖

  • wow thats wild

    wow thats wild

     a years ago +57

    why do you guys keep cutting cinnamon rolls with a knife’ve already discovered that you can use unflavored dental floss to cut it cleaner...c’mon guys

  • FlameyHeart


     a years ago +10

    I feel like there should have been more of the blue part

  • Sophia Padorfski

    Sophia Padorfski

     a years ago +14

    Yyyy was their only one blue one??!

  • vagas99


     a years ago +5

    I'm sorry but this is dumb.. why not make it so everyone can get a bit of every flavor.. 😑

  • nzmermaid


     a years ago +10

    Why not roll it the other way so everyone gets all the flavors !
    Seems silly that some are only jam and some are only cream cheese. lol.

  • rwlock24


     a years ago +42

    Happy independence day

  • Mediocrity’s Girl

    Mediocrity’s Girl

     a years ago +10

    Who watches these and ACTUALLY makes them?

  • Jiminize


     a years ago +40

    Happy 4th Of July!

  • Ariel pierre2007

    Ariel pierre2007

     a years ago +22

    I'm definitely going to make this at home

  • Justin Y.

    Justin Y.

     a years ago +187

    A patriotic dish for a patriotic day.

  • Poke Bowl

    Poke Bowl

     a years ago +55

    All the dislikes are from the rest of the world who are done with all the patriotism

  • Juleen Forbes

    Juleen Forbes

     a years ago +29

    Happy 4th 🇺🇸

  • Miguel Pabustan

    Miguel Pabustan

     a years ago +1

    Decently early I think also this is murica

  • JB


     a years ago +3

    Shoulda added some blue food coloring to the blueberry filling

  • Sunkist Jen

    Sunkist Jen

     a years ago +3

    That looks good now i want to go to cinnabon but oh wait everything's closed today 😞

  • Rikki


     a years ago +2

    I thought it was gonna be 3 flavors in one roll.. Kinda disappointed

  • Austin Colm

    Austin Colm

     a years ago +2

    Never combine your salt and yeast together directly. You just killed your yeast!

  • Dani Valenzuela

    Dani Valenzuela

     a years ago +6

    Those look delightful!

  • Arrio Gonsalves

    Arrio Gonsalves

     a years ago +1

    47 views and 81 likes?!! Congratulations YouTube!