9 Essential Egg Recipes



  • Wan Ameer

    Wan Ameer

     2 months ago +1178

    Im watching this because i only have some eggs in mg fridge😔
    sad truth

  • Philip Wong

    Philip Wong

     10 months ago +2347

    Am i the only one who watches this and realise i cant cook

  • -Starlight Wolf Gacha-

    -Starlight Wolf Gacha-

     3 days ago +34

    (cuts eggs into strips)
    aND hErE arE sOme nOodlEs

  • Cinnamon Toast

    Cinnamon Toast

     5 months ago +624

    How I cook my eggs: fry them in a pan
    How tasty cooks their eggs: the most complicated thing person who wakes up late could do

  • princess seokjinnie

    princess seokjinnie

     4 months ago +729

    You could say they're eggsential , amirite? That was an eggcelent pun I just cracked .
    I'm sorry.
    Edit: I've come to realise that my yolks are kinda bad. I'm very sorry.

  • I’m Kathleen

    I’m Kathleen

     6 months ago +357

    World record egg has left the chat.

  • ÜñĶňØwŃ hEhE

    ÜñĶňØwŃ hEhE

     3 months ago +168

    When you only have eggs anf salt in your kitchen ;-;

  • Random Dogface

    Random Dogface

     8 months ago +191


  • Maverick Baking

    Maverick Baking

     a years ago +3444

    I'm not ready to live in a world where cloud eggs are essential.

  • No Steppy On Snek

    No Steppy On Snek

     1 months ago +35

    Me: tries to cook
    Fire department 20 mins later:
    What exactly happened

  • Kitairo


     7 days ago +17

    How I cook
    Step 1:Go to McDonald’s
    Step 2: Slowly get a heart attack

  • chicka chicka dosed

    chicka chicka dosed

     10 months ago +90

    When u have watched all these vids and realize u've just run outta eggs😢

  • Henrik Høyrup

    Henrik Høyrup

     1 months ago +14

    3:06 - am I the only one who thought it was a pan flipped upside down?

  • Kim Yeotannie

    Kim Yeotannie

     3 days ago +2

    Who ever wrote the title missed and eggcelent opportunity
    It should be 9 eggsentical egg recipies

  • thicc


     1 months ago +78

    i dont have spinach, or mushrooms..or tomatoes..oh but i have eggs
    mom: what r u cooking
    me: an egg with no shit in it.
    mom: so its just an eg-
    me: dont question me mortal

  • Sprouter Chouter

    Sprouter Chouter

     10 months ago +65

    Me and my dad are gonna do cloud eggs! It is a super long weekend In Minnesota so we are doing it very soon! Wish us luck!

  • Moose Ops

    Moose Ops

     4 days ago

    Did you mean
    EGGsential recipes, I’ll see myself your now

  • Crocodile Williams

    Crocodile Williams

     2 days ago

    They had one chance to put EGGsential but no they didn’t

  • Maria Venice Galaura

    Maria Venice Galaura

     1 months ago +22

    They could’ve made the title more punny if they spelt it
    “9 EGGsential egg recipes”

  • Mishi Amir

    Mishi Amir

     2 months ago +1

    please make the season 2 of I draw you cook