The Most EMOTIONAL AUDITIONS | Heartfelt Auditions | Australia's Got Talent 2019

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  • Published on:  Monday, September 30, 2019
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  • Emma Lambert

    Emma Lambert

     5 hours ago

    I absolutely love that woman’s choir! What was the name of that choir!



     10 hours ago

    manu makes the best judge

  • l_nely. celeste

    l_nely. celeste

     12 hours ago

    Australians are the best singers idc what people say. I aint even Australian

  • Dawn Potter

    Dawn Potter

     12 hours ago

    Already crying.. And I'm only watching the first audition 😭😭

  • Jackie Tyrrell

    Jackie Tyrrell

     19 hours ago

    So much talent here it's touching

  • Marco B

    Marco B


    The first gentlemen was amazing!! God bless him!

  • Laila Kaluau

    Laila Kaluau


    You guys should make Hawai’is got talent

  • J.A.M



    God damn... first guy channeling Sam Smith or what!? Fantastic voice👍🏼

  • Rae. x

    Rae. x


    Omg I’m so bing and it’s the first one !!! Jesus Christ ♥️ he has no idea how touched people really were 💔 OHHH GODDDD !! I’m a mess

  • Madelsi Miranda

    Madelsi Miranda


    No entiendo el idioma pero mi corazón y mis sentidos sabían la letra me hizo llorar

  • ricky bronikowski

    ricky bronikowski

     2 days ago

    something told me to keep watching Australia got talent even though stuff kept going wrong but the first one on this video was worth every second and that you got my girl on the panel

  • CaboVerde-ish


     2 days ago +7

    A tear kept falling when the women’s choir sang

  • Sundus Mohamed

    Sundus Mohamed

     2 days ago

    im not crying your just cutting onion

  • Amy Schiller

    Amy Schiller

     2 days ago

    I am finally going to be positive in my comments on YouTube. Most times I get irritated with what some people pass off as talent. I haven't listened to music for many years just due to things that I have drudged through but this man, Paul on Australians got talent, when singing this brought tears to my eyes. He is a true inspiration. I really hope he is living a life of a singer that he deserves.

  • samantha graves

    samantha graves

     2 days ago +3

    I almost started crying at the last one

  • Mr. KOIA

    Mr. KOIA

     2 days ago +9

    This could be the most remarkable and emotional moments I've ever watched. I loved it.

  • JerZgirl


     2 days ago +1

    Wow! The first guy was incredible!! So clear!

  • Z msa

    Z msa

     2 days ago +4

    Nicole is sooo emotional, she have a good soft heart!! I almost cry when she cried!

  • George


     3 days ago +4

    The first guy needs an album and I need to buy it

  • Aime Ruiz

    Aime Ruiz

     3 days ago

    There is still beauty in this world to give us joy, thank the Lord.