The Best Homemade Pasta You'll Ever Eat

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
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  • granola


     a years ago +1414

    “that the dough kinda comes back at you when you poke it.”
    *pokes dough*
    dough: *punches*

  • TheElisabethMaria


     a years ago +1679

    seriously, making pasta isnt difficult. Even I can do it, and ive messed up instant coffee

  • Sunnyflohour


     6 months ago +213

    Cooking mama flashbacks at 4:59-5:02

  • Growing Warrior

    Growing Warrior

     a years ago +306

    Me and my grandma tried this. She's 100% Italian and she has a recipe for this. We used 3 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour (I'm on vacation, we had nothing else) and 4 eggs. I will delete this comment if it turns out poorly!
    Edit: added at 7:04 PM
    It was delicious! It was the first time I ever made something like this. It took about 2-3 hours all together, not counting the breaks. I cut the dough into 8ths, I rolled it flat (if you use a rolling pin, don't roll back and forth too much, try to go forward more and stretch it), folded it like the person in the video did, her name is Claire, and cut it into smaller long strips. My goal was spagetti but it turned into langane as I cut it a little bit bigger and bigger as time went on. Great recipe and it's fun too!

  • MarcelaE


     2 months ago +218

    First step: remove your nail polish and jewelry.

  • Dawson Carpenter

    Dawson Carpenter

     1 months ago +98

    6 egg yokes?! Well my parents are gonna kill me but whatever

  • Banane


     2 months ago +25

    Says they wanted to make this recipe makeable for everyone
    Uses cup measurements

  • Megan Michelle

    Megan Michelle

     6 months ago +151

    It was my first time so I didn’t wanna make that much so I found a different recipe online with one cup flour and one egg and used all ur steps and it turned out so good and it make enough pasta for one really hungry person

  • h3rcul35 _Ь33t13

    h3rcul35 _Ь33t13

     a years ago +177

    are you kidding...
    when i totally failed at doing macarons, u made that vid about them, when i made an absolute disaster while cooking some homemade pasta, u made this vid.... oh freaking come on...

  • Veridian


     a years ago +3410

    This is nothing compared to my superior microwaved cup noodles

  • Nizmi In the house

    Nizmi In the house

     a years ago +103

    The ingredients and making it look so simple, but i know once i made this,
    instant hell

  • Eddie Rivera

    Eddie Rivera

     2 months ago +20

    Can we please start getting ingredients in metric for baking and any recipes using flour as a major ingredient ?

  • Felix S

    Felix S

     6 months ago +41

    For people that use normal units:
    2 cups of water may be 500ml
    But 2 cups of flour are only 256g!
    It was WAAAAAAAY too dry with 500g of flour :-(

  • gardenofeden


     1 months ago +25

    Easiest rule for pasta is for every 100g of flour, use one egg. And add oil if the mixture is too dry, add flour if it is too wet.

  • Veridian


     a years ago +3381

    Ravioli Ravioli give me the formuoli

  • NuclearElite


     a years ago +241

    I only came here for the voice,like if you agree

  • Elisya Roy

    Elisya Roy

     a years ago +14

    "Well my husband's lucky to be with me" 😉😂

  • mari isgood

    mari isgood

     3 months ago +15

    I LOVE THE MUSIC! so comforting

  • Lyricdavilogy Ld

    Lyricdavilogy Ld

     4 months ago +3

    I love this video, glad I watched yours first before any other,..

  • Eva Black

    Eva Black

     a years ago +375

    Please tell I'm not the only one who watches Cooking video to fall asleep