The Best Homemade Pasta You'll Ever Eat

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
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  • rickoie


     22 hours ago

    Great tip for cutting pasta once it's rolled cutter. Won't stick to the cutter the way it sticks to a knife..

  • Brooke G

    Brooke G


    Her voice is so relaxing 😌

  • Elwood Blues

    Elwood Blues


    1 egg yolk per cup of flour less 1. 4 cups flour = 3 egg yolks. Then add just short of one cup of cold water. Mix in stand mixer with dough hook. Rest for half an hour. Roll out. NO OLIVE OIL.
    Go short on the egg yolks otherwise it will be overpoweringly 'eggy'. Buy a crappy Italian pasta roller off Amazon for $40. They work a treat.

  • Jia Patel

    Jia Patel

     2 days ago +2

    I love this recipe. I used it and the pasta turned out amazing!!

  • The Monster

    The Monster

     2 days ago

    4:56 put it in 2 times speed...Hame....HAME...PASTAAAA

  • Cassian YHVH

    Cassian YHVH

     3 days ago +1

    The only thing I'd leave out of the recipe is the vocal fry of the narrator

  • Pusit Sangkayoolakul

    Pusit Sangkayoolakul

     6 days ago

    What is "Al Dente" ?

  • Matt Buchanan

    Matt Buchanan

     7 days ago

    So... used six whites instead of six yolks. Anyone know what kind of dough that makes?

  • Ray Austin

    Ray Austin

     7 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant. What an amazing dish and such an easy recipe. Thank you

  • Emilia Ostaszewska

    Emilia Ostaszewska

     7 days ago +2

    no one:
    Alexis: its rustic its homemade dont go to crazy

  • Horacio C

    Horacio C

     7 days ago

    I found this video and wanted to give a try.
    I used 3 cups of "00" flour and a total of 12 eggs plus some olive oil and a little bit of salt, after needing I let it rest for over one hour; then a little stretching and to the pasta machine to make it thinner, then cutting with the provided accessory. The total provided food for 8 portions, I froze half of it for another dinner date. The combination had rendered a very light and tender pasta, delish.....

  • Rosa Craft

    Rosa Craft

     7 days ago

    By the time I wake up this will all be forgotten

  • Lilija Kairova

    Lilija Kairova

     7 days ago

    Thanks just tried the recipe and it was absolutely worth it.....

  • R.J. Jaramillo

    R.J. Jaramillo

     7 days ago

    Best pasta video ever!!! I’ve tried for years to make pasta and it’s never come out right. Tonight was the first time I got it right. That’s for the kneading advice.

  • Pier da Medicina

    Pier da Medicina

     14 days ago

    Pasta Italiana, Italy? Tutto ok. No, no, no, olio. Repeat No, no no oil.

  • Christopher Bentley

    Christopher Bentley

     14 days ago

    Thanks for this video, I understood that making pasts isn't very difficult)))

  • Synth


     14 days ago

    Way too many eggs

  • Kerry


     14 days ago

    Love this video.
    You answered every question I had and gave me the confidence to try my own homemade pasta.
    Thanks ladies!

  • William Paunan

    William Paunan

     14 days ago +1

    Y’all are awesome. But this chef has the worst vocal fry and upward inflection and really takes away from the instruction. Ugh. I know. I’m an asshole. I’m a misogynist. Whatever. I don’t want cooking instructions by Britney Spears.

  • Aditi Chanda

    Aditi Chanda

     14 days ago

    Watching this video on homemade pasta while eating my red sauce fettucine i ordered😂❤️