Yesterworld: The Strange History of Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios - How ‘Shrek’ Saved DreamWorks

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 19, 2019
  • Shrek 4D in the Universal Studios theme parks (and various others) is a 4D film and attraction - and a very interesting piece of theme park history. Today, we explore the full history of Shrek 4-D - from the fascinating backstory behind the groundbreaking film ‘Shrek’ (2001) that made the ride possible, all the way through the remaining locations of Shrek 4D in Universal Studios Orlando, Japan and Singapore today!

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  • Ashley Wilkerson

    Ashley Wilkerson

     7 days ago

    Shrek is my least favorite universal ride? Assumed it was hated by everyone I guess?

  • Johnny6767g


     14 days ago

    They did mention the attraction in the 3D DVD bundle

  • PersonaX


     21 days ago +1

    Aww. I liked the original pre-show! The first (and only) time I visited the attraction, I ended up bantering back and forth with the actor who played Farquaad's minion at the beginning and everyone was cracking up at us. Good times!

  • pootuis poot

    pootuis poot

     21 days ago


  • Caligeur


     28 days ago

    Well, I think the idea of Nicholas Cage turning the film down because he thought children would think he looked like that makes a lot more sense if the film was gonna be partially live action... but it’s still funny how he talks about Shrek in the interview, like it’s some obscure film that no-ones ever heard of.

  • Just a fangirl Fangirl

    Just a fangirl Fangirl

     1 months ago +1

    I went on this ride with my little sister ( she’s 7) and she was absolutely terrified of the pre show which took place in lord Farqquads torture chamber . The seats and the movie were bad . SHREK DESERVED BETTER

  • The PrimeStone Collection

    The PrimeStone Collection

     1 months ago

    That's my favorite ride

  • [Astro Sama]

    [Astro Sama]

     1 months ago

    mike myers?
    michael myers?
    ..the halloween movie franchise meets shrek.

  • Mugaka Murakumo

    Mugaka Murakumo

     2 months ago

    I somewhat have a hatred of Shrek. My dad who makes it well known to EVERYONE that he HATES cartoons loves that stupid movie to bits. He even loves to call himself an ogre whenever he's being verbally abusive to me or my mother. It's LAUGHABLE.

    Another reason why I hate Shrek is my hatred of the dragon character. I hate that character more than any other character in Shrek especially the dumb ending to Farquaad. Spielberg being associated with Shrek no wonder they wrote that gay scene in there him being a pedoc uck and all has put that shit in a lot of his works. And them having to make a stupid mini sequel as a ride or whatever. lol Drag on more like "Drag queen." 😂

    Shrek 2 is redeemable I will say due to Puss In Boots. The stuff after Shrek 2 is just cash grab garbage. Honestly between MIB and Shrek, I wish those 2 things would just fucking die already.

    So yeah...Not really a fan of Shrek.

    Kung Fu Panda however? Kung Fu Panda is LEAGUES BETTER than Shrek! 😍

  • Evie Marilula

    Evie Marilula

     2 months ago

    I experienced Shrek 4D last year, and the video didn’t play when the curtains opened, so the ride had to be reset. The staff handled it so well that i thought it was part of the ride for the first 5 minutes. Then it dragged on for 10 more minutes until it finally worked.

  • Brian Elliott

    Brian Elliott

     2 months ago +1

    "All Star Cast"
    I heard that.

    Hey now.
    You just did it again.

  • Coverdrivegirl


     2 months ago

    “All star cast” was that a pun

  • Coverdrivegirl


     2 months ago

    2001 - the beginning of many great memes

  • Nic Winstead Art

    Nic Winstead Art

     2 months ago

    I would've made "Little Duloc" like a real life version of the castle instead.

  • Eliot’s mega Christmas Boi

    Eliot’s mega Christmas Boi

     2 months ago

    The song after the show was sugar honey honey

  • Laurie Smith

    Laurie Smith

     2 months ago

    "had recorded over 95% of his dialogue before he unexpectedly passed away at 33..." So he had a little over 5% of dialogue left to record when he passed away. Now I must go see if I can find any of this leaked Farley Sherk footage... there has to be more than what was in this video....

  • sailorqueen2013


     3 months ago +1

    What I learned in this video: There are more Universal Studios than I thought

  • RialVestro


     3 months ago

    To be honest... I didn't think Shrek 4D was even cannon. Unlike the main films there's a lot of plot holes and it was more geared toward the 4D gimmick of the experience than actually telling a good story.

    Not only that but the events of that short are never mentioned ever again. They reference the events of the first movie in the sequels but the short is ignored like it never happened.

    It's a fun experience if you ever get a chance to go but watching the home versions mentioned kinda leaves you with just a crappy story that leaves no impact on main film events. I would not recommend watching it unless you're getting the full 4D experience.

  • ReviewBat


     3 months ago

    ALL STAR cast... let that sink in

  • Captain Crazy with a K

    Captain Crazy with a K

     3 months ago

    It’s all ogre now