5 Camping Gadgets put to the Test - Part 6

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 15, 2018
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/YIk46yuqUp0


  • Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

     a years ago +557


  • Fox923


     a years ago +417

    Make a video of you camping overnight with all your gadgets
    Like if you agree

  • Lawrence Genereux

    Lawrence Genereux

     a years ago +249

    Wow! The bag even comes with a red & white D!LDO. They thought of EVERYTHING!

  • Wayne Clarke

    Wayne Clarke

     a years ago +87

    “It was just like that, but a lot different” 🤯😧🙄

  • Kayla McDiarmid

    Kayla McDiarmid

     a years ago +111

    “Is that what I think it is” A vibrator?

  • Cerrystyle


     a years ago +403

    In Soviet Russia camping gadjix put YOU to the test.

  • Deamonz


     a years ago +30

    How does he get past airport security if he always says"boom".

  • Alex White

    Alex White

     a years ago +215

    Anyone else that read the title with Taras's voice? XD

  • free mind

    free mind

     a years ago +211

    Crazy Russian hacker , love you !😙 . Please make a compilation of bike gadgets 👍. Thank you .

  • Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin

     a years ago +70

    my head hurts and nothing better to cheer me up than a taras vid :D

  • Will Healy

    Will Healy

     a years ago +31

    'it was just like that but a lot different' wise words from Taras

  • bambino100011


     a years ago +18

    Anyone else think the shovel came with 2 dildo’s???? :) lol

  • Caleb Walsh

    Caleb Walsh

     a years ago +93

    Woah, is that what I think it is?

  • bob micals

    bob micals

     a years ago +39

    You are a camping gadget

  • Hoonozit


     a years ago +3

    "Just like this but a lot different".

  • Java Programmer

    Java Programmer

     a years ago +35

    Can you do more science experiments?

  • Lolz Meme99

    Lolz Meme99

     a years ago +16

    I love campin gadjects

  • theredbaron20


     a years ago +15

    It was just alike but a lot different? How's that work?

  • Wojtek Szlek

    Wojtek Szlek

     a years ago +15

    Please do more MRE videos

  • anotherkat4u


     a years ago +6

    the chair was the koolest thing boom ,,,,=^..^=,,,,