Smallest Chainsaw in the World!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 24, 2018
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  • Holds


     a years ago +328

    Bored at work watching a grown man slowly cut things with a miniature chainsaw, what has become of my life, sigh

  • ymcmb123jr


     a years ago +72

    Using this to cut all my sandwiches now

  • I am Blue

    I am Blue

     a years ago +174

    For felling them there pesky bonsai trees

  • Earthling1984


     a years ago +396

    Pretty sure I could cut wood faster with a hand saw...

  • One Kyle

    One Kyle

     a years ago +51

    "work like a chainsaw"
    -Taras Kul 2018

  • MartyMcFly700


     a years ago +530

    LOL, this thing is useless....cute at best.

  • Md. Zillur rahman

    Md. Zillur rahman

     2 months ago +7

    best tool for a murder

  • Nirrrina


     a years ago +7

    I see a knew sport forming.
    Chainsaw pumpkin carving!
    Fun for the whole family!

  • mario9587


     a years ago

    Hand chainsaw: “Jack the Ripper” edition.

  • Liam Niedrich

    Liam Niedrich

     a years ago +6

    "Its incredible how fast it cuts." (30 sec later) 2x4 is now cut

  • RAF Spotter

    RAF Spotter

     a years ago +113

    What are you really gonna use that for , trimming ur cactus 🌵

  • Zack S

    Zack S

     a years ago +4

    Was waiting for the Spongebob "Three Hours Later" screen to pop up!

  • Jim dela Cruz Vera

    Jim dela Cruz Vera

     a years ago

    "and it runs like a Chainsaw" lol 😅

  • KingBongHogger


     a years ago +15

    This would be great for wood carvers! They use chainsaws for big details and this could be used for fine ones!

  • Virgle Phillips

    Virgle Phillips

     7 days ago +2

    That would be AWESOME at Thanksgiving to carve the turkey. Cut right through bones and all.

  • Arne Polli

    Arne Polli

     a years ago +20

    Imagine someone in a horror Movie being hunted by that Chainsaw

  • Yiorgos Roumeliotis

    Yiorgos Roumeliotis

     a years ago

    "I'm kinda mind blown right now"

  • Burt Randolph

    Burt Randolph

     a years ago

    “Oh no these twigs need to be cut. Good thing I always keep my concealed carry chainsaw on me.”

  • James Rossi

    James Rossi

     11 months ago

    “I’m going to cut this small branch and...boom, useless”

  • Jaeden Thomas Esguerra

    Jaeden Thomas Esguerra

     a years ago

    “Let’s see how HARD it is to replace the blade.........