2019 Arnold Strongman Classic | Rogue Elephant Bar Deadlift - Full Live Stream Event 1

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 1, 2019
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Y75Y85FSljs


  • Magus Mxviil

    Magus Mxviil

     7 hours ago

    The stone lift is terrifying. I worry that they'll break their backs.

  • Brett Dumas

    Brett Dumas

     13 hours ago

    Mark henry has 0 mic skills, i cringe every time he speaks.

  • Gastyne



    14:51 what the heck was that for a fistbump-high five hybid, lmao



     yesterday +1

    Easy money

  • Ahch Mosheh

    Ahch Mosheh


    Europeans are very insecure people. Their entire existence focuses on trying to prove that they are better than other people. That is pretty insecure to me.

  • Sivy


     2 days ago

    They need a new host that guy is terrible

  • Sonny C

    Sonny C

     2 days ago

    that iclander guy will be the force to be reckoned with for years to come hes only 30 too and hes bigger than Shaw and Shaw is a legend...watching this its only a matter of tiem before he breaks Halls record ...hes only gonna get stronger is my guess. he almost had that 1105lbs...so he can probably do 1075ish 1050 anyway

  • caged lion

    caged lion

     2 days ago

    Money is not enough for these guys not even close to end up with a fucked back for life

  • Ero Sama

    Ero Sama

     4 days ago

    Mark Henry looking good

  • Grumpy OldMan

    Grumpy OldMan

     4 days ago

    50k prize for all the effort they put into and pain they put themselves through over the years to be able to lift these amounts .. fuck me an average NFL NBA MLB player makes that much before they put their jock strap on before game.. its sad these guys are giants and very impressive to watch

  • yanmarf935 /

    yanmarf935 /

     4 days ago

    cocain in a little bottle

  • Maroc Avacado

    Maroc Avacado

     5 days ago

    What I swear they can’t lift 1000s dude the did before

  • Maroc Avacado

    Maroc Avacado

     5 days ago +1

    49:16 why does everyone in the back looks weird also Brian looks so sad

  • William Tyndale

    William Tyndale

     5 days ago

    The prize money seems rather paltry...🙄

  • Mr. Strong

    Mr. Strong

     6 days ago


  • Bryan Finnerty

    Bryan Finnerty

     6 days ago

    whats a pound? come on america its 2020

  • Wade Kidder

    Wade Kidder

     6 days ago

    @0:11 what the fuck happened

  • Lord Exar Kun

    Lord Exar Kun

     7 days ago

    Mark Henry really thinned out! Good for him.

  • Victorious Pauper

    Victorious Pauper

     7 days ago


  • Drew Nayr

    Drew Nayr

     7 days ago

    155k total pot for the event.
    I get it, the sport is niche, but you are telling me the TOTAL pot is less than a 4th string running back makes in the NFL?
    "A lot of money on the line". Fuck right off.