World's Biggest Fire Striker - Slow Motion

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 6, 2018
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  • scarface 82

    scarface 82

     a years ago +476

    Taras is the only youtuber that hasn't changed with fame

  • Rob L

    Rob L

     a years ago +191

    Taras uses a camera to film him setting up a camera 😅

  • Rudy BC

    Rudy BC

     a years ago +11

    Put plexiglass or glass in front of the camera and make the sparks go straight towards the camera lense

  • Shlomo


     a years ago +300

    Mother Russia

  • The Kingdom Of Aland

    The Kingdom Of Aland

     a years ago +14

    Crazy Slo-Mo Russian.

  • ed china

    ed china

     a years ago +34

    boooooooooom my clothes are on fire.

  • Nuclear-_-Face _

    Nuclear-_-Face _

     a years ago +24

    in mother Russia... We breath fire

  • XlimZ


     a years ago +11

    Should've done these tests in a low light ambient I think.

  • Γρηγόρης


     a years ago +3

    the lighter was the most amazing thing i have ever seen

  • Smegma Lasagna

    Smegma Lasagna

     a years ago +101

    That’s lit fam 🔥🔥🔥 Yes I have many friends

  • Moccrotje


     a years ago +21

    Make more slomo videos😜❤

  • The Night Drifter

    The Night Drifter

     a years ago +3

    A radioactive lighter?!....seems legit.👍

  • A.S


     a years ago +9

    Boom! Wicked footage bro.

  • I couldn't think of a name that would be funny

    I couldn't think of a name that would be funny

     a years ago +4

    Hey that's pretty lit.

  • Olivia Olivia

    Olivia Olivia

     a years ago +6

    The zippo looks like magic

  • Wolfswagger9 Marshi

    Wolfswagger9 Marshi

     a years ago +6

    That’s very LIT and SPARKTASTIC!

  • owen burt

    owen burt

     a years ago +5

    Best YouTuber ever !!!!!!

  • Christopher Haynie

    Christopher Haynie

     a years ago +2

    You should have wrote your name with the lighter fluid.

  • OASIS 49

    OASIS 49

     a years ago +3

    i love it when taras says amazing

  • CrazyItalianDude


     a years ago +1

    Yes! Finally, I've been waiting forever for an actual experiment video