Cara Delevingne Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED



  • Star Cifuci

    Star Cifuci

     2 months ago +1825

    Does cara delevingne want to be there?

  • Rajeshwari Kori

    Rajeshwari Kori

     a years ago +3817

    She seriously knows nothing about herself ........

  • Lemonhope


     a years ago +3214

    What is cara delevigne's name
    I dont know

  • boring life

    boring life

     a years ago +1398

    I adore cara but I need to say that it’s the worst interview ever

  • Claire Routh

    Claire Routh

     2 years ago +2064

    Will Cara Delevigne actually answer any of the questions

  • Marvin Joosten

    Marvin Joosten

     a years ago +1998

    She is the worst star I have ever seen at ripping those papers of...

  • ForEva Maeva

    ForEva Maeva

     a years ago +587

    Anyone else had that unsatisfying feeling when she was peeling off the white tape and the paper kept tearing?

  • phosgene2


     a years ago +1641

    "he's a nice chap" is probably #1 on the list of things a guy should never want a hot model to say about him.....

  • renata mañon

    renata mañon

     8 months ago +243

    I love her but it was so frustrated how she pulled the paper and how she didn’t answer anything

  • Superficial


     2 years ago +5625

    The way she peeled off that tape so unevenly disturbed me

  • Malak rim Moustawi

    Malak rim Moustawi

     a years ago +180

    “Who is cara delevingne ?”
    Cara : « that is a question »

  • Claudia Derevko

    Claudia Derevko

     3 months ago +79

    She is ripping those papers the wrong way, it gives me anxiety

  • gbj


     1 months ago +27

    Okay... Now we can say that she's engaged to Ashley Benson AND her dog.

  • Idowu Egbukuyomi

    Idowu Egbukuyomi

     a years ago +284

    she sounds like a robot in the beginning.

  • Chris L

    Chris L

     a years ago +865

    Oh dear god she is a total smoke bomb!

  • Phil Collins

    Phil Collins

     a years ago +288

    3 reason I watched dis here video naw.
    Reason 1: To find out how her awesome last name is pronounced.
    Reason 2: To hear her awesome accent.
    Reason 3: Because she is awesome!

  • De Kewl Asian Boi

    De Kewl Asian Boi

     a years ago +7

    Does cara delevigne answer questions fast

  • Sam Weaver

    Sam Weaver

     a years ago +75

    I died at how cara said “follow me” at 1:14 😂

  • Nabeel K Nabeel

    Nabeel K Nabeel

     3 months ago +15

    You know NOTHING Cara delevigne😂

  • Hanna Pineapple

    Hanna Pineapple

     a years ago +452

    Can you people stop with the “she doesnt want to be there” and “she didn’t answer anything” comments. She is like this in every interview and I think it’s just her personality. She is quite sarcastic and I think that’s what makes her so charming