Breaking Bad Greatest Moments

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 6, 2016
  • Other great moments from the show:Every time Jesse says "bitch"Hank vs Tuco's cousinsDecapitated head on a tortoise bombThe Gus Fring "come at me bro" sceneWhen Walt buys himself and Flynn new carsWhen Walt throws a pizza on to the roofAny other scenes will be found in the comments somewhere.I am not very well versed in the subject of copyright and so I am not entirely sure if this video does actually infringe copyright laws or not, all I do know is that the owners of the footage did claim the right and have monetised the video. I did not earn any money from this video and nor was I expecting to, but I've seen some people complain about the frequency of ads for the video and unfortunately that is out of my hands. I apologise if it diminishes your enjoyment of the video in any way.
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  • Shawn Swafford

    Shawn Swafford

     7 months ago +7435

    The greatest damn character development I've ever seen in my life

  • samm thakur

    samm thakur

     21 days ago +1097

    Walter White
    Season 1: Loving father
    Season 5: Godfather

  • Ray William Johnson

    Ray William Johnson

     3 months ago +2941

    Who is here after GoT has completely let them down?

  • Rithesh VR

    Rithesh VR

     3 months ago +736

    What an epic character Gustavo Fring was

  • histhelo sogijc777

    histhelo sogijc777

     5 months ago +2077

    GOT : I am the best TV show ever in the history of humanity.
    Heisenberg : Stay our of my territory.
    Got runs away
    Breaking bad > Got

  • books from Windblown

    books from Windblown

     7 months ago +3683

    Who is still watching Breaking Bad in 2019?

  • Hella Godes

    Hella Godes

     4 months ago +404

    WARNING: Do not watch Breaking Bad. This show is literally "ADDICTIVE". This show will set the bar so high above expectation, that literally any other show you watch will simply not measure up. You have been warned.

  • Drunk rick

    Drunk rick

     1 months ago +155

    This show was 99.1% pure
    (Not my comment)

  • Kulcsár Tas

    Kulcsár Tas

     5 months ago +530

    I highly recommend to watch the series „better call saul“ it really introduces tuco, mike, saul, gus, gale and the making of the underground meth lab

  • Kunal Gulati

    Kunal Gulati

     4 months ago +417

    Love him or hate him, but Hank's haircut was lit af

  • OfficerPoop Nugget

    OfficerPoop Nugget

     2 years ago +1466

    Walt caused such a disruption in the entire drug cartel!! He killed so many important people who influenced the drug business, basically destroying a business and leaving others to pick it up. Think of it: The Arian Brotherhood is dead, Jesse will NEVER cook again, Lydia is dead, Walter is dead (or under custody, he is facing death penalty or life in prison), Gustavo Fring is dead, the ENTIRE Mexican drug cartel is dead, Gus's gang is dead., and a bunch of other less insignificant people went out of business, died, or stopped making/using. All of these people have died because of Walter White. one could even argue that Walter technically ended the drug empire in southern america and mexico all because of his actions going from small to big meth dealer. Everything has an impact. If you read this far, thank you.

  • Cynthia Powell

    Cynthia Powell

     3 months ago +130

    Gus lived & died a Boss. Love his character

  • Rain 825

    Rain 825

     5 months ago +57

    The only thing missing was one last “YEAH BITCH” when Jessie escapes at the end... biggest missed opportunity ever!

  • Kedemah Joseph

    Kedemah Joseph

     2 months ago +115

    Damn, can't believe they didn't have the pizza moment 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Cyrus Abunales

    Cyrus Abunales

     2 months ago +181

    The ending of GoT just proved that Breaking Bad will always be better than GoT!

  • Dylan Kane

    Dylan Kane

     a years ago +1416

    I hated Skylar soooooo much.

  • Clayton Smith

    Clayton Smith

     3 months ago +162

    Game of Thrones WISHES it was this well written and produced. Vince Gilligan is a mastermind and he had the PERFECT cast to execute his vision. Greatest television drama of all time, no question.

  • Sanjay Singh

    Sanjay Singh

     3 months ago +404

    Coming here after Game of thrones season 8. Still Breaking bad is greatest show of all time.

  • Nongpoknganba Khaidem

    Nongpoknganba Khaidem

     2 months ago +147

    Who is here after Game of Thrones finale for soul redemption?

  • Jerson Sarceno

    Jerson Sarceno

     yesterday +4

    Bro, when Hank tells Walt he’s the smartest guy he ever met... my frickin heart man.