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  • Published on:  Monday, October 14, 2019
  • We did an overnight survival challenge in the woods with IBP!
    WATCH ANOTHER SURVIVAL VID! https://www.thvideos.net/video/evmhLg_cH6M/video.html
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    Todays video we did in collaboration with the Ireland Boys. We used a plinko board to determine what everyones budget was to buy supplies (shelter and food) from the store to survive overnight in the woods. The plinko board had budgets ranging from $1 to the max prize of $500!

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  • Waffffffles Gaming with Friends!

    Waffffffles Gaming with Friends!

     an hour ago

    I like the paper one

  • Michele Custodio

    Michele Custodio

     2 hours ago


  • Logan Green

    Logan Green

     2 hours ago

    Wow you really scared that cat 😂😂

  • Grady Carter

    Grady Carter

     3 hours ago

    The cat was trying to stall the food

  • C.H. 2008

    C.H. 2008

     3 hours ago

    Ricky and Nicky called them aggs not eggs

  • YANOSHOP gaming

    YANOSHOP gaming

     4 hours ago

    4:09 i just released the baby’s there

  • Dane Verhoeven

    Dane Verhoeven

     5 hours ago

    over night in bass pro shop

  • Reed Cousineau

    Reed Cousineau

     6 hours ago

    I like Andrew

  • Christine Kubik

    Christine Kubik

     6 hours ago

    When the barely standing was getting attacked it made me crack up so hard I almost died

  • Kristin Brayley

    Kristin Brayley

     7 hours ago

    You should guys do a survival challenge outside but you and I put three numbers in there one of them is one dollar ones and is one of them is $50 and the last one is $5000

  • thatkidnamedblue


     11 hours ago

    this is hilarious!!!

  • Tracy Wilmot

    Tracy Wilmot

     13 hours ago

    4:08 OMG those kids are adorable

  • Namir Walk

    Namir Walk

     15 hours ago

    I like it

  • SaMsTeR


     18 hours ago

    Andrew : it was a little cheaper it was 46 dollars and the small tent was 29

  • Gabrielle Alexander

    Gabrielle Alexander


    I love animals so much! If I were in that situation I would adopt the kittens like they are so cute though!!!!!!

  • The Gaming Guys

    The Gaming Guys


    Adidas anyone see the random kids in the background?

  • Sophia Cagle

    Sophia Cagle


    Fav is 50 bucks dude

  • PC Master Race

    PC Master Race


    8:46 That dude’s face on that package almost has me crying from laughter. 😂 Almost like it’s foreshadowing what Andrew’s face was gonna look like that night.

  • Destiny Gonzalez

    Destiny Gonzalez


    Is the last person

  • Destiny Gonzalez

    Destiny Gonzalez


    I think who did the best on the tent