Dave Chappelle - For What It's Worth part 3/4

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 3, 2011
  • The great one at his best
  • Source: https://youtu.be/Xe4H2zZO-gA


  • John Elhiwy

    John Elhiwy

     2 hours ago

    When he said “where’s jah”

    I felt that 😔

  • Garrett Burrows

    Garrett Burrows

     2 hours ago

    out of the thousands of children that visited neverland ranch, one child comes forward with accusations and no others out of thousands? ??????

  • PugZ Designs

    PugZ Designs

     4 hours ago

    You're defending a rapist like Bill Cosby?

  • Joe Smith

    Joe Smith

     7 hours ago

    Lol he’s defending a child molester, a rapist, and a murdered (Jackson, Cosby, and OJ) because they’re black.

  • Hitsami Fox

    Hitsami Fox

     8 hours ago

    Selling pudding pops wasn't the only thing he was doing for 40 years :0

  • Scorp308


     17 hours ago

    Check out that rack @2:57

  • Lyn Don

    Lyn Don

     19 hours ago

    Still watching in 2020...his mustache was incredible back then

  • Fun Times

    Fun Times

     yesterday +1


  • Chet Walters Ink Specialist

    Chet Walters Ink Specialist


    For those of you that think michael jackson was actually a pedophile are dead wrong and that man is always gonna be a legend




    1900 SJW's watched this video👀

  • patrick y

    patrick y


    10:37-10:45....Sounds just like Tony Woods....

  • Jarin Hartley

    Jarin Hartley

     yesterday +13

    Who’s watching this after Bill Cosby went to prison 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😊

  • Jeffrey Briggs

    Jeffrey Briggs


    Palm island is an expensive fucking island that’s a part of Miami Beach.

    3:11 pm January 19, 2020

  • Jeffrey Briggs

    Jeffrey Briggs


    Pompeo, your rogue agents just did the opposite of save me.

    Why are there so many Stalkermobiles on Palm island?

    3:10 pm January 19, 2020

  • SileTa Mus

    SileTa Mus


    How old is fifteen really...?

  • SileTa Mus

    SileTa Mus


    “That nigga is guilty...”

  • Dac Tucker

    Dac Tucker


    "Smooth as Eggs!"

  • Christopher Vega

    Christopher Vega


    Funniest bit I've ever seen

  • Hate is Dead

    Hate is Dead

     yesterday +1

    Idk why Dave won't believe MJ did like kids!! It's a R.kelly thing. Once the money gone secrets, even lies comes out!!

  • Mitchell



    Dave, I’m from the future and I’ve got bad news ...