MLB Playback - They're just enjoying the game

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, March 20, 2019
  • Enjoy and laugh, that's all they do.

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  • Michael Garcia

    Michael Garcia


    Ozzie Guillen rocking the wheel chair motion for Big Papi is hilarious! What other Manager would ever do that? None!

  • Shield379


     7 days ago

    0:50 is the first time I’ve seen joe west smile

  • Nat Gunnels

    Nat Gunnels

     7 days ago

    At 7:25 lol

  • Mathew Borgen

    Mathew Borgen

     7 days ago

    4:52 best part

  • Broz Gilson

    Broz Gilson

     21 days ago

    I hoped that Adrián would get hit by a pitch and run out and hug the pitcher

  • Ty Lito

    Ty Lito

     21 days ago

    Gotta love Beltre & Papi

  • 2Timone7


     21 days ago

    Baseball announcers don't listen to Motley Crue much, I guess.  LOL

  • Mike nhgoldprospector

    Mike nhgoldprospector

     21 days ago

    I was at yesterday's Red Sox game. Joe West had to cover 1st and 2nd base.

  • Melanie Mills

    Melanie Mills

     28 days ago +2

    Is it just me or dose Joe west look like a turkey

  • wdilks


     a months ago

    What man would call another man "Big Papi"? Oh yeah...announcers...

  • GetAJob


     a months ago

    Kipnis was slick😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • GhostDrummer


     a months ago

    “Sounded like Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” No, that sounded like Motley Crew’s Kickstart My Heart.

  • Liz Rep

    Liz Rep

     a months ago +3

    Rizzo is my favorite I love him

  • milesra22


     a months ago +1

    7:24 it’s look like the Diamondbacks pitcher did the famous Gronk Spike 😂😂😂

  • Clean Green

    Clean Green

     a months ago +1

    0:24 what does that even mean

  • Shivam Kapoor

    Shivam Kapoor

     a months ago +2

    such a wholesome sport

  • Michael Wechsler

    Michael Wechsler

     a months ago +1

    Also known as the Adrian beltre show

  • Ketchapp Legends

    Ketchapp Legends

     a months ago +2

    Anthony Rizzo just seems like the nicest guy

  • latham taylor

    latham taylor

     a months ago +1

    Joe West has a slow reaction. Lol, we know. Watch him behind home plate.

  • RockyFanatic 2019

    RockyFanatic 2019

     a months ago