10 Worst As Seen on TV Products of 2018

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 25, 2018
  • Here are my picks for the 10 worst products that I reviewed in 2018, including As Seen on TV items, gadgets, and more.

    Below is an alphabetical list of all the products mentioned here (including honorable mentions), with links to the original review to purchase.

    Arctic Air
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/8lCRb0KVFN0/video.html
    Purchase: https://amzn.to/2GOG2G7

    Bell+Howell Disk Lights
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/AhCQDE5qsxA/video.html
    Purchase: https://amzn.to/2DEBRMA

    Clever Tongs
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/C-aWbhTW9Ic/video.html
    Purchase: http://amzn.to/2HwuK6S

    Cop Cam
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/12bDll7-AV4/video.html

    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/mS6zMr6W5_o/video.html
    Purchase: https://amzn.to/2xXJ0BB

    Fixate Gel Pads
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/QoRZIJUQFkQ/video.html
    Purchase: https://amzn.to/2NNd5eg

    Hurricane Spin Duster
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/kMun3L4rO1M/video.html
    Purchase: https://amzn.to/2DEYVuN

    Ice Genie
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/eZDwirwl_7U/video.html
    Purchase: https://amzn.to/2KwkWLR

    Measure King
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/qlswdZzbTco/video.html
    Purchase: https://amzn.to/2pLgyzn

    Pocket Mouse
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/rI9lB_zN2Ts/video.html

    Tac Visor
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/VDtALNJX_bs/video.html
    Purchase: https://amzn.to/2Kw978r

    Tiger Wrench
    Orig Review: https://www.thvideos.net/video/cFm2LGmPZ4E/video.html
    Purchase: https://amzn.to/2IjrH2t

    1st comparison: https://www.thvideos.net/video/6ByHbNAobaI/video.html
    2nd comparison: https://www.thvideos.net/video/YAtNC9BJFNU/video.html



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  • Source: https://youtu.be/XbQbv72FBgE


  • Happy Fox

    Happy Fox

     an hour ago

    tac visor is crap, I had one given to me, never used it knowing that it was just tinted plastic, save your money and buy yourself or your loved one fashionable polarised sunglasses with hard case and a nice lint free cloth along with that stuff that cleans glasses without stripping protective coating, they will love you and you will love yourself more.

  • John Goguen

    John Goguen

     18 hours ago

    Its a bitch trying to find good old fashioned aluminium with the handle ice cube trays

  • Mishi Simpson

    Mishi Simpson

     22 hours ago

    Ha ha!!!

  • Shantanu Singh

    Shantanu Singh

     23 hours ago

    It makes you look scary, the cop cam. Like a zombie.

  • K8MH



    I am thinking that politicians would be more than 10 bad apples to review

  • Unpolished Artist

    Unpolished Artist


    'I have a problem with Wish.'
    ME TOO!! I freaking deleted the app around my 3rd time using it.
    I don't remember the specific problem I had with it, but I remember being really ticked off when I deleted it.

  • Amy Hillick

    Amy Hillick


    Those egglettes are the worst!

  • Gears 73

    Gears 73

     2 days ago

    But I want a Tiger Wrench.😂

  • foxyfargo


     3 days ago +1

    You should call the products at the end of the video "dishonorable mentions"

  • superflyguy218


     4 days ago

    4:40 Peter Dinklage is that you?!?

  • Glenn Gardner

    Glenn Gardner

     4 days ago

    Thanks for exposing these frauds !!!!

  • truth matters

    truth matters

     4 days ago

    even when a product is good, you have to beware. ebay and amazon have fake versions, and nothing is done to prevent it.

  • Dean Eaton

    Dean Eaton

     4 days ago

    Thx for your review.. Really shows what we need to see before investing in these worthless items..And damn-it Wish !!! Had to go and blow it

  • Colin


     5 days ago +1

    I mistakenly bought a cookbook my wife wanted from the as seen on tv, while the book was fine, my spam email went up about a thousand percent! Stupid me for not making a diversion email address!

  • warren hymes

    warren hymes

     5 days ago

    Wonderful work you do. Thanks

  • Julia Hunter

    Julia Hunter

     5 days ago

    You make a good point

  • maureen skaar

    maureen skaar

     6 days ago +1

    the egglettes are great for truly fresh eggs. i have chickens and can tell you..eggs at the store are over 2 weeks old cause less than that, the sack inside hasn't broken down down enough to let you peel boiled eggs easily..so for fresh ftom the chicken house..this eliminates the struggle of peeling.

  • Jerick Senpai

    Jerick Senpai

     6 days ago

    17:41 that cam is use for finding thanos. I guess we found him

  • truth matters

    truth matters

     6 days ago

    in the old days, ppl really had to learn by experience who the "snake oil salesmen" were and run them out of town.
    thank god we can do research, especially since some things that seem like magic -- stain remover for example, really do exist and work well. but crap items rely on those possibilities to pass off their garbage. there is SO MUCH CRAP out there, and false advertising used to be a crime. is that no longer the case?

  • truth matters

    truth matters

     6 days ago

    i have always been curious about how crappy products can be depicted, by demonstration, to be stellar in the ads/infomercials. how do they do that? some i can figure out, but others no.