Why is the US saying illegal Israeli settlements are okay? I Inside Story

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 19, 2019
  • It’s a dramatic shift in U.S. policy, and goes against the position taken by international organisations and most other countries.
    The U.S. says it no longer views the illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank as “inconsistent with international law”...
    The Palestinians are furious and many observers say it makes Israeli-Palestinian peace even more elusive.
    It’s another U-turn on policy by the U.S. President in favour of Israel.
    Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the American embassy there. He also recognised Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights from Syria.
    So what's the reason for this latest controversial move?

    Presenter: Imran Khan
    Gideon Levy, columnist at Haaretz News and author of 'The Punishment of Gaza'.
    Richard Falk, professor emeritus at Princeton University. Richard is the former UN special rapporteur for occupied Palestinian territories.
    Nour Odeh, political analyst and former spokesperson for the Palestinian Task Force on public diplomacy

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/X_bqR1K4GcE


  • Sarah Andoh

    Sarah Andoh

     6 days ago

    Leave Israeli's alone 🗣🗣🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  • Giorgio Cooper

    Giorgio Cooper

     14 days ago

    Who says those settlements are illegal ? Ahhhhh ..... the US Dems who love illegal immigrants !

  • Jack Kessler

    Jack Kessler

     21 days ago

    "The Palestinians are furious and many observers say it makes Israeli-Palestinian peace even more elusive." Really? Seventy two years of Palestinian violence and rejectionism have nothing to do with making peace elusive? Constant rocket bombardment from Gaza on Israeli towns has nothing to do with peace being elusive? Is peace hidden in a cave somewhere and everybody is looking for it but can't find it? Or have the Palestinians refused repeated attempts to negotiate a settlement? Have Fatah and Hamas said repeatedly they intend never to make peace with Israel and murder anyone among them who argues for peace? Does that make peace even more elusive? Does the BDS chant of "From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free." have anything to do with peace being elusive?

  • William Powers

    William Powers

     21 days ago +1

    We must face the fact that America is a criminal regime we promote armed robbery & mass murder on a daily basis

  • Angela Baker

    Angela Baker

     28 days ago +1

    Settlements are legal but Asylum is not.
    Trump needs to die of a heart attack. The sooner the better.

  • Joan Solomon

    Joan Solomon

     1 months ago

    Ashkenazim didn't come from Palestine.

  • Jege Dem

    Jege Dem

     1 months ago

    How did it become okay. America says it now views illegal settlements as okay. Palestinians have become weaker by the complicity of Saudi Arabia with Israel. Both Palestinians and Israelis stole those lands from Black people. So when their greed from the theft get the best of them. The truth will come out.

  • C Lemon

    C Lemon

     1 months ago

    Trump will also transfer the US embassy in South Ossetia, Georgia and Crimea, Ukraine.

  • karen bracken

    karen bracken

     1 months ago

    Really they are not illegal settlements to me. The territory is Israel and so Israelis can settle anywhere in Israel. The so called "occupied" areas are really Israeli territory.

  • blue sky

    blue sky

     1 months ago +1

    GOD gave that land to Israel and more land.😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • 유관순


     1 months ago

    Palestinian history just started on originally Israeli territories.
    No Israel, No Palestinian sovereignty.

    Love Israeli brothers from South Korea

  • jodyshuaige


     1 months ago

    usa support israel unconditionally

  • Trump Is a Zionist Puppet

    Trump Is a Zionist Puppet

     1 months ago

    Thank god for Al Jazeera English , truly the best channel for news that exists right now
    They always give an honest perspective and does not feel bias at all and always gives an amazing and honest report on all there reports . Please keep up the good work

  • Eric Martinez

    Eric Martinez

     1 months ago

    That never belonged to u in the first place. God himself gave it to the Jewish people. And no matter what nation's think or u people war against it. The land will return to Israel and why because the Creator of all things gave it to them. So instead of warring against Him just bow ur knees to God Almighty in the name of Yeshua (Jesus Christ)

  • Elizabeth Brocato

    Elizabeth Brocato

     1 months ago

    That is what God gave them. . They have right to that land .. The land is the Jewish people’s land .. if you like or not ..

  • Y2kSd4


     1 months ago


  • david hefner

    david hefner

     1 months ago

    Its genocide
    Up with the Palestinians!

  • Bilal Hamurabi

    Bilal Hamurabi

     1 months ago

    Its the same story like in all colonialized countries. like in algeria and libya to name teo muslim ones for example. in algeria the french sent hundreds of thousands of settlers who drove the locsl population off the arable land. then the french annexed the country but they didnt give the indiginous population citizen rights. then they got thrown out in the war of algeria. basically the jews are doing the same thing the european colonists did before. the usa were founded on this pattern.

  • A Immortals Legacy

    A Immortals Legacy

     1 months ago

    Palestine is being gentrified to say the least.

  • Bronco Zion

    Bronco Zion

     1 months ago

    We can build as many settlements we want, it is our country our land.